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Happy December 27th!

This page is dedicated to the surly, not-so-jolly ex-Department Store Santa who travels the continental U.S. and parts of Canada each December 27th eve delivering pizza in a red Ford Festiva. Here are links to the features of this page:

The Legend of Pizza Claus: A Visit from Pizza Claus

The Night Before December 27th

Pizza Claus Sightings Map

Pizza Claus Sightings and Stories

Pizza Claus' Picture Page

Pizza Claus' Top 10 Beer List

Friends of Pizza Claus

Pizza Claus Merchandise

Pizza Claus' Guestbook

We are always looking for new Pizza Claus friends. How can you get your web site posted on our site? First, e-mail us, and let us know you're interested. We'll send you an official Pizza Claus banner for your site, and we'll put you on the Friends of Pizza Claus page!

Enjoy the Site!

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Pizza Claus Sightings

Send us your Pizza Claus stories and pictures!

If you have spotted Pizza Claus delivering pizza on December 27th Eve, please send your e-mails and photos to The Pizza Claus Mailbag. We can't guarantee that all photos and stories will be posted, but we will try to post the best ones. All stories and pictures become our property upon posting.

You can find your stories of Pizza Claus on the new Pizza Claus Sightings and Stories page. All pictures will be posted on Pizza Claus' Picture Page.

Pizza Claus Merchandise

Pizza Claus merchandise is not yet available; however, we would like to know if you are interested in receiving newsletters (via snail mail), t-shirts, hats, posters, etc. Please use the e-mail address below to send any inquiries or comments.

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Disclaimer: This page (or the organization presenting it) is not endorsed by any of the products, establishments, or corporations mentioned. We are an independent group presenting the time-honored legend of Pizza Claus to the public. All pictures and text are Copyright (C) 1997 by three gentlemen who wish to remain anonymous. No duplication is permitted without the expressed written consent of these individuals. No resemblance between the characters presented herein and any person, living, dead, or fictional, is intended. Thank you.

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