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Norriton Fire Engine Co.
Montgomery County, PA. Station 61

Chartered in 1917

To see pictures of the Trucks in each station click on the Station Photos!

Link to Station A Trucks.
Station A
2830 Swede Rd.
East Norriton, P.A., 19401
Phone# 610-279-3456

Link to Station B Trucks.
Station B
656 W. Germantown Pike
East Norriton, P.A., 19403
Phone# 610-630-1088


Our training night is every Monday night at 7:00 PM.
The Company Meeting is held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM.
The engineers gather every Sunday for equipment maintenance from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.
Please feel free to stop by.

Norriton Fire Engine Co. protects an average population of 13,000 residents in an area of 6.1 square miles in central Montgomery County. Norriton Fire Engine Co. was charted in May 17, 1917 to protect the ever-growing population of the township. East Norriton Township is made up of hundreds of residential homes, commercial, and light industrial structures.

Link to Monthly Report
Link to Annual Report
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Link to Thermal Imaging Camera
Click here for the Personnel of the Norriton Fire Eng. Co.
Link to the Chief

Line Officers
Chief - J. Staufenberg Chief-61
Deputy Chief - G. Myers Deputy-61
Battalion Chief - D. Ellick Jr. Battalion-61
Battalion Chief - K. McDevitt Battalion-61-2
Captain - B. Marquez Captin-61
Captain - B. Hagner Captin-61-2
Lieutenant - J. Ellick Lieutenant-61
Lieutenant - T. Fonash Lieutenant-61-2
Chief Engineer - B. Stephens
Asst. Chief Engineer - J. Monastero
Engineer - D. Ellick Sr.
Engineer - D. Jenkins
Engineer - T. Campbell
Engineer - R. Hagel
Fire Police Captain - W. Boyd FP-61

Administrative Officers
President - R. Russo
1st. Vice Pres. - R. Hagel
2nd. Vice Pres. - R. Nealman
Financial Sec. - J. Rothwein
Record Sec. - C. Salter
Membership Sec. - M. Damiani

Board of Trustees
Chairman - G. Myers
Vice Chairman - D. Linberg
Secratary - T. Fonash
Member - B. Hagner
Member - R. Russo
Member - T. Brodoski
Member - D. Ellick Sr.
Member - J. Ellick
Member - D. Thomas

Fire Prevention Queen
A. Monastero

For Emergencies Dial 911:

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