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Neil John Mullen
May, 1976 to March 14, 1997

Neil took his own life why I will never know until I can see him again. He was 20 yrs. old and was going to celebrate his 21st birthday and was planning a big party. He was in Holy Family College and he was a clown always kidding around and taking nothing serious. He loved to run cross country and track he was great he ran for St. Jerome's and Father Judge I loved being involved with Fr. Judge Neil use to tell me I would miss Fr. Judge more than him and I guess I did. He hated going to those mother son dances but he did. If not the track, Neil also loved to fish. Tried to trout fish the day before opening season.Neil was my life and my baby. Neil when you took your life he took alot of my life with you I will never be the same without you.None of us at Compassionate Friends will ever be the same people how could we. Compassionate friends is my survival. Without this group and faith I know I would not be here.

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