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Lori A. DiBello, RN
March , 1980 -- May 18, 2001
Lori died on May 18, 2001 at the age of twenty-one. Lori died in a car accident along with her boyfriend Luke. They were backseat passengers and both were ejected. The accident occurred on Roosevelt Boulevard. Lori wanted to be a nurse since the time she was nine years old. Lori died two weeks before she graduated from Frankford Hospital School of Nursing. She died at Frankford Hospital Torresdale Division where she was a student nurse and worked as a nurse's aid. Lori would have been an excellent nurse and that is why I will always give her the RN title she worked so hard for. Lori died on her grandmom DiBello's birthday. It makes me so sad that it happened at all let alone on her grandmom's birthday, because her grandmom lost her oldest daughter not even a year before. Lori was my firstborn daughter and twenty-one months later came her sister Lindsey. They are both my heart and soul. They grew up to be best friends and it makes me sad to see our family lost and broken. Lindsey lost her only sibling and one of her best friends. Lindsey loved to make Lori laugh. Lori came from a very large family with a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins. She loved to play soccer, sing and dance and she loved it when people made her laugh. She loved to teach her sister and cousins dances for our annual "block parties" at her grandmom Gibson's house whom we all called Mimi. Lori loved her Mimi who is my mom. She would practice her nursing skills on her, taking her blood pressure and taking care of her when she was recovering from some of her hospital stays and once she even moved in with my mom for two months so she wouldn't be alone at night. They are now together in heaven, my mom died ten months after Lori. Our lives our will never be the same. Lori is missed and loved by so many family and friends. We are thankful for the many happy memories of Lori. We had a lot of fun together in our family. We thank God for the gift of having Lori in our lives. It hurts everyday to go on, like a piece of us is missing, but Lori will always be a part of us.

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