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Kimberly Ann Earley
December,1974 to June 24,1996

This page is dedicated in Loving Memory to my
daughter Kimbery Ann Earley. Itís going to be
five years on June 24, 2001 since Kimís death. It
happed one summer night on June 24, 1996,
Kimís life came to an end due to a car accident.
Which we still have no answers as to WHY?
There was another car involved but no one saw
anything. Kim had a girl friend in the car with
her, she passed away in the hospital two days
later, so she had no answers as to what had
happenedÖ I guess were not meant to know
WHY? Kim was only 21 years old.... she was a
happy go lucky, funny, sweet, beauiful I can
just go on kinda of girl. Her life was taken away
much to soon. She sure was not afraid of
anything not even dying. She is a special Angel
in Heaven now watching over us, I guess that job
had to be given to someone, so God choose her.
We need her to look after us now our family
has not been the same since. But she will always
be in our hearts forever. I know in my heart,
that she is safe with God, and no one can ever
hurt her again. That thought makes it a little
easier to live life each day just knowing she is
safe.I have a lot of great friends in my
Compassionate Friends Group. I wish we didnít
have to meet in this way but we have. And they
are the best group of friends, I thank God we
all have each other. For anyone who has not lost
a child I hope you never do because the pain
hurts real bad. If you know someone who has lost
a child or loved one, try and give them a hug
they could ALWAYS use one.


A light went out the other day,
It was a bright and shining star,
It would make your heart smile
Whether you were near or you were far.

We never know how long,
Our time to stay will be,
The length of timeís not important,
What counts, is the quality.

Our hearts are heavy now,
We miss our sweet, sweet Kim,
But her journey must continue,
Where sheíll shine again with him.

The heavens have gotten brighter,
Our precious star has arrived,
She now has peace and harmony,
In tranquillity she will reside.

Our hearts can be lighter,
Knowing Kimberly shines above,
For we need to only look skyward,
To express our everlasting love.

You are listening to I'll be missing you