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Justin F. Donnelly
May ,1982 to July 15,2001

On July 15,2001 at 1:00 a.m. Justin was stabbed in his chest and killed. Justin was standing on a porch on the 100 block of Champlost St. in Olney with a couple of friends. A man in his 20's came to the bottom of the steps with a black and brown pitbull medium size with a metal leash. The individuals on the porch were asked if they seen a white pitbull that belonged to him? They simply replied, "No one has seen your pitbull." The man came up on the top step and stabbed Justin 1 time in the chest. The man fled on foot with the dog running after.

God we thank you for the gift of our Justin. You know what a treasure he has been for us. It is not easy to part with him. The days are hard ones for us. The memories are there. Bless the hurt in out hearts as we trudge along through each day. Give us the energy we need to live our lives well. Do not allow us to move into bitterness and alienation with you or with one another. We can get through this painful time in out lives and we can go on with your strength to susstain us.


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