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Baby dragon image Amber Jurkiewicz, Used with her permission


(Closed since June 2002)

*Look below for hexies and clothes!*

I have seriously been thinking this decision over for a while now. And I have closed off and on. I only re-open because I want to please the fans of my site. But I realized that I wasn't making myself happy by doing so.
So after being open for about a year and a half, I have decided to close. I still enjoy all my babyz and plan on continuing to play with them all. In fact, I'll probably have more time to enjoy them! Which is wonderful!
I know many of you liked my hexed babyz and clothes. And since I still care about my fans and always will, I will keep up the links to both my hexed clothes and hexed babyz pages.

I hope you understand my reasons for closing. And I want to thank everyone who has visited my site in the past. Each kind word I heard about BabyzKrazi touched me very deeply.
Take care everyone! Love ya!


Hexed Babyz|Hexed Clothes

P.S. Even though BabyzKrazi is closed, all original names and ideas from the site are still copyrighted to me. So please do not steal or try to imitate anything that was a part of this site. Thank you!

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Since January 13, 2001