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Robert E. Lamberton High School

( Philadelphia, PA )

Class of 1981 20th Year Reunion

Robert E. Lamberton Philadelphia, PA.


High School Pics

Recent gathering of some classmates

Carol Rememter

Pictures of Jon Newman and wife Amy

Pictures of Barbara Johnson and her kids

Pictures of Scott Polikoff and family

Picture of Joan (Young) Wadesworth and family

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Robert E. Lamberton High School
Philadelphia, PA
Class of 1981


The Reunion was a success thanks to Phyllis Bua, Ted Quinn, Carlo Simone, Tori Johnson, Carol Rementer, Owen and Tracy Wallace.

Pictures from the reunion     September 21st, 2001

Reunion Pictures Gallery 1

Reunion Pictures Gallery 2

Reunion Pictures Gallery 3

Reunion Pictures Gallery 4

Reunion Pictures Gallery 5


Circles of Friendship

Email Address of Classmates

Picture qualities in these Galleries are not as clear as they should from the original pictures I've received due to changes in file format I made to increase the download speed to your browser. 

If you would like to post any pictures you have from high school or recent pictures of yourself on this web site, please email to Shen (Alan) Cheung

Massage Board

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