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26 January 2003, Sunday
Time 12:56

I've decided to consolidate all of these "foreshadowings" that I've (seemed to have) had into one place. One where I can write them consecutively, in the chronological order that they've come into my mind. So, here:

Time 6:33

Ice that moves as water flows;
This is the first of 10 signs.
Know this and thou shalt be saved.
Hunger for pain and lust for blood;
This is the last of Three;
Know it well.
All who mourn and Grieve shall Die;
This shall be the norm
Until the First of Four.
All who live shall come and Fade.
Lift thy head and Breast thy Sword
For You are the warrior of Time.
All who come and Fade shall Die;
You shall be saved.
Know this.
Your enemies will falter fast
Your friends will quick to perish;
You shall be saved.
Know your eyes and trust Them well;
You will need them.
The fifth of Five will come from Hell:
Be aware; Be ready.
Your heart will not trust You;
Your head will betray you:
Live by Your eyes.
Succulent Temptation rules;
Trust your fears,
But do not obey.


13 May 2002
Time 22:55

Here is what I have heard;
Know This, and you shall be save!:
Two angels shall appear,
One Dark and one light,
To shelter the Earth through Her darkest hour.
One shall prevail,
Not yet to be known;
The other shall falter and fail.
Take heed of My lips, for You have been warned.


13 May 2002
Time 22:55

Here is what I have heard;
Know This, and you shall be save!:
Choose two possessions,
One of your sentiment,
And one who is Not.
You will need them on your journey.


22 May 2002
Time 12:40

The Time for Death is Near;
Stand Guard and You shall be save!
This is the 5ifth Prophecy.


28 May 2002
Time 8:36

The light and the Dark will form a Cloud--
The ONE will be a Shroud of Death
For all Eternity
Until the dawn of Time--
And Thus becometh the End.

29 July 2003, Tuesday
Time 18:55
the day I added the poem to the site

Okay, a little weird I admit. I'm not sure exactly why I wrote these. They aren't really "poems" and they aren't the same as my other writings in that I didn't think of them. These were more intrusive thoughts than anything else. They just shot into my head and wouldn't leave until I wrote them down. That's why I call them foreshadowings, because they both sound prophetic and came that way.

Anyway, I was a little reluctant to put this collection on my site for certain reasons, but it'll probably be okay. I know I don't normally write reports/reviews on my own work, but considering the aire of this piece, I thought it might be reasonable.