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Welcome To My DreamWorld, A Place Where All Is Possible

Stradok Vince

Welcome to my world. They said I should expect company, but they did not say who they would be or when they would come. *lights inscense and candles to honor our guests* They must have told you where I live? This used to be a quaint little neighborhood. Well, I wouldnt know, really. You see, O just moved in. Do you like the scenery? I chose this haven for the view. And the fresh air. All the cities nowadays are so smelly. You see that planet over there? That one on the left? Thats where I used to live. But it got to be so crowded I couldnt stand it. Now the only thing that could live there is a carbon-based creature called a cooba. Before the armageddon, they relocated us all here, to this planet, The New Earth, so that we could survive. Oh how I miss my old planet. I didnt live on earth, though. Weve been traveling so long. hmm *s* I remember faintly how I used to ride large waves with my friends when we went to the sandy beaches on our vacation. The way we used to run down the busy city streets shopping. *s* But those memories are all gone now. They have been for a long time. I realized on the spaceshuttle as we were going into hypersleep that we would not be going back to our planet. That the memories would be gone soon. And i would never see my friends or home again. But this is the view that I chose so I could be closest to home. Whats that? You werent expecting a story? Oh, im sorry. Shall we get down to business then? Oh, ok. If you insist, i will continue. Many of my friends thought they could outsmart the armageddon. That it wasnt all that serious. They thought they could hide and that when they came out it would be all over, and everything would still be there. I was one of the lucky ones. For they could only fit one millionth of our population into the shuttle. And there was only enough hypersleep gas to las one hundred light years. Oh, I was so lucky to have gotten away from the armageddon. They said that the armageddon would reach this end of the universe in one million light years. Our shuttle could travel at one thousand light years per day, good thing. We wouldnt have been able to get away from it if we had traveled slower. Whats that? Oh, really. Thats the issue you came to discuss. I was afriad of this. They said that the armageddon could speed up. Oh, geez, what am I going to do? Hmm? Oh, yeah, sure. Huh? Really? They're actually asking us which planet we would like to go to? Oh, they're not. They want us to describe it? Our dreamspace? Sure. I can do that. Well, here goes. Ive always wanted to live on an oxygen based planet, like that one there not one of those yellow and green sulfuric ones. Like that one, right there Yeah, you see it? its that little one. My dream world would have no polution and the sun would shine eight hours of every day and the water would be bright blue And there would be forests covering most of the land . Beautiful forests with the most beautiful and fragrant flowers anyone has ever seen and smelled. And is practically extinct here, so i would want to invite them to my planet. The internet would not be needed becuase we would all use psychic mind power to travel 'the cyber highway'. Only the internet would be much more organized... almost like a library. Our fingers on a black screen would be our mouse . Im getting very excited about this. Are you sure they said we could create our planet? Uh, help the selection.. right, right. And candles and insence would be required in every home. Just like they are here, but for any occasion. And the air would be light and pink and misty and would smell like roses . And there would be melted clocks hanging off trees just like in the ancient Dali painting . Oh, it would be so wonderful. That isnt just what I would like, you know? Could I tell you a secret? You musn't let Them find out... They dont allow secrets here. If I told, would you promise not to tell? Really? Ok... The planet is my dreamspace. Well, that is what They would call a description like that. I call it my DreamWorld. It would be my own very special planet. But it wouldnt be ALL my own, of course. Aah, how wonderful this is. *s* Well, I know you must go. You have many other people to visit, and much work to do. Perhaps I will see you some other time. Well, I must go too. Goodbye. *smile*