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10 August 2002, Saturday

Umm, ok, so this is my first entry. I dunno why I really want an online journal in addition to my comp journal... well, ok, yes I do. Being the pompous and, well, lets just say presumptuous, person that I am, I want other people to read what I write because I think that what I say has some sort of profound meaning. It probably doesn't, and I'm probably just delusional--well ok, yes I am delusional (but that's a different story)--but I like to think it does.

So I'm just here writing my brains out (or at least I will be), hoping for someone to just randomly stumble upon my meager little words and maybe--just maybe--see it as something more than rambling.

I guess one could call it a "hunch"--it's more just a feeling, though. You know how you can know something (or rather, I should probably say about something) for a long time......

Okay, okay. I'm not making any sense. Let me try to put this a different way...

Have you ever seen West Side Story? In the beginning of the play (in the second scene, I believe), Tony is trying to explain to Riff about this same feeling, that he has. Right after Riff leaves, Tony sings "Something's Coming." (If you haven't heard the song, you can go to the West Side Story web site and read the song, to get some kind of idea of what I'm talking about.)