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Star Seekers

This mural called "Star Seekers"hangs in the lobby of the Astronauts Memorial Foundation at the Kennedy Space Center.
 It honors some of the scientists and explorers whose discoveries and explorations contributed to space flight as we know it today.
Look at the list below and using the Web sites provided, identify each person list  and in one or two sentences  tell why he has been included in the Star Seekers mural. You will present your information in a powerpoint presentation.


Wilbur Wright Albert Einstein
Icarus Robert Goddard
Archimedes  Yuri Gagarin
Isaac Newton  Sergei  Korolev
Galileo  Neil Armstrong
Copernicus  Wernher Von Braun
Leonardo Da Vinci  Herb Oberth
Konstantine Tsiolkovsky Daedalus

Web Sites