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Why Should We Bother to Look Our Best....
It Is So Important to Project a Good Image.

Our Mom's, bless their hearts, loves us for who we are on the inside. But let's be real. The entire world judges us based in large part on what they see on the outside.

Studies show that in the first 15 seconds, a new person meeting you forms more than a dozen profound impressions about you and your life, based.......(sadly), almost entirely on your appearance.

Let's set aside the reactions of others for now. There is another compelling reason for looking our best: our OWN reaction to ourselves. Right???

The average American woman is said to see her reflection 55 times a DAY. That means 55 opportunities to react, "Ohhhhhh, noooooooo, OR Ahhhhhh, yessssssss" to her own appearance.

Women consistently list three reasons for looking less than their best:
1. Not enough money
2. Not enough time
3. Don't know how

The GOOD NEWS is that with the know-how you will learn on this site, you can look your personal best even in a hurry and on a low budget if necessary.

The first element of that vital "know-how" is knowing all about yourself----the new and exciting adventure of analyzing YOU!!

Just remember ... that looking gorgeous does NOT mean you have to spend a fortune.

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