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Now that you have been saved, you must start living like a Christian, following are all things that can give you a better relationship with God:

1)Go to church and affiliate with other Christians.
2)Pray to God daily.
3)Read your Bible Daily to get to know Christ better.
4)Always ask forgiveness for all sins.
5)Tell others about Christ
6)Be a kind and caring person to show your dedication to God and Christ.

Follow the chart shows the Religion balance, the more bad deeds (sins) you commit, the further away from God you grow. All Christians are sinners, but you still must try stop and stop those big sins like cussing and premarital sex.

By commiting good deeds (praying, going to church, being nice, etc.) you grow closer to God.

You must stop watching bad movies and bad TV shows, as well as other bad influences as well. Anything that has a bad influence on you should be stopped! And that is it, if you do all of this willingly, your saved, and will go to Heaven, see you there!. Now to Step 3:Results

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