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Computer Hoaxes (Viruses, E-mail, &c.)

Online Encyclopedia
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
Computer Virus Myths
Rob Rosenberger
Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) & US Dept. of Energy
Internet ScamBusters ConsumerSentinel
EFF "Net Abuse and `Spamming`" Archive
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Information Technology Crime
Fifteen Ways to Spot an Internet Bandit Virus Hoaxes: Not Just Harmless Pranks
McAfee Network Associates, Inc.
Hoaxes and scares
Sophos Virus info
History of Virus Hoaxes
They're Out to Get You on the Net
Psychology of Internet hoaxers
How to Spot a Hoax Who Ya Gonna Call About Online Fraud? Internet ScamBusters
Internet Scams
Washington State Attorney General's Office
Internet Fraud Watch Virus Hoxes Alphabetical list of virus hoaxes, urban legends, myths, and overblown threats Old Rumor, New Furor
Internet Access Rumor Won't Go Away
Dateline: 01/20/99 Update
Internet Access Rumor Revisited
FCC's Feb. 25 ruling does not impose long distance charges on consumer access
No Consumer Per-Minute Charges to Access ISPs
Dec.1998 FCC Fact Sheet
Remarks of William E. Kennard Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
November 11, 1998
FCC Again Says It Won't Tax Internet
Reuters, Nov. 7, 1998
Internet Access Fees (Again?) (NOT!)
"Hoax du Jour"
David Spalding
'Free' IBM computers Internet piracy Software & Information Industry Association International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
Product counterfeiting
The Email Facts Of Life M&M's Offer Is Too Sweet to Be True
Current Net Hoaxes, Urban Legends, and other digital lies... AT&T Fraud Education 809 Area Code Phone Scam
Don't Spread that Hoax! FCC & per-minutes user charges April Fools On the Net Computer History and Folklore Cyberlore Central
HoaxKill List of known hoaxes
Hacker Folklore TechTales The Folklore of Computer Users
Truth, Lies, and the Internet
alt.folklore.computers FAQ

Scholarship Hoaxes & Scams

$cholarship $cams
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Ouch! Students Getting Stung Trying to Find $$$ for College
6 $IGN$ THAT YOUR $CHOLAR$HIP I$ $UNK Funding Your Education 2001-2001
Dept. of Education
En Espa–ol / Spanish Version
College Scams
Washington State Attorney General's Office

Urban Legends & Rumors

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Guide to Urban Legends and Folkore
The Mining Co.
Spamming and Urban Legends Rumor Mill News Agency Urban Legends Reference Pages

Counterfeit Money

Know Your Money
U.S. Secret Service
How To Detect Counterfeit Money Counterfeit Coins Altered Government Checks Counterfeit Note Report
Treasury Dept.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing Frequently asked questions about currency counterfeiting
Counterfeit Bank Notes
National Criminal Intelligence Service
Fraud Squad
Specialist Crime Operational Command Unit (SO6)

New Scotland Yard
Beware of counterfeit euros
International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
Product counterfeiting

Miscellaneous Cons, Frauds, Hoaxes, Rumors, Scams & Schemes

National Fraud Information Center KNOw Fraud Get-Rich-Quick Schemes
Washington State Attorney General's Office
National Check Fraud Center Health Related Hoaxes and Rumors
Centers for Disease Control
Museum of Hoaxes "4-1-9" or "Advance Fee Fraud" schemes
U.S. Secret Service
Nigerian Advance Fee Scheme
Internet ScamBusters
Pyramid schemes, Chain Letters & Ponzi schemes
Skeptic's Dictionary Definitions
Charles K. Ponzi Website
Tips to Avoid Pyramid Schemes
How to Avoid Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes
Tips On... Multi-Level Marketing (How To Tell A Legitimate Opportunity From A Pyramid Scheme) Chain Letters Chain Letters
U.S. Postal Service
Computer Crime and Internet-Related Crime

New Scotland Yard
Fraud Squad
Specialist Crime Operational Command Unit (SO6)

New Scotland Yard
Alibi Agency Ltd.
Economic Crime Prevention
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Latest Scams
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
ESCROC PrZˇvention du crime Zˇconomique
Consumer Complaint Form
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Information Technology Crime
Internet Fraud Complaint Center
Rumor Mill News Agency
Project Mailbox III: Catch the Bandit In Your Mailbox Catch the Mailbox Bandit
Oct. 1999
Mail Fraud Complaint Center
FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection
Complaint Form
Better Business Bureau
BBB Alerts and News Beware of Y2K Slamming Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About Y2K Scams: Offers Preparedness Info How to File a Complaint
Better Business Bureau
Consumer Fraud: Telemarketing
SPAM Related sites Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
U.S. Dept. of Justice
How to Report Internet-Related Crime
U.S. Dept. of Justice
CyberSpace Law Center Financial Crimes Division
Secret Service
Computer Fraud
Secret Service
Food Stamp Violation
Secret Service
Electronic Crime Branch
Secret Service
Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card
Secret Service
Money Laundering
Secret Service
Business Opportunities and Job Placement Scams
BBB Wise Giving Alliance

Charity Watchdog
Special Report on Possible Fraud Schemes - Solicitations of Donations for Victims of Terrorist Attacks
Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online
FTC Consumer Alert!
Lotions and Potions: The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans
FTC Broadens Warnings to Marketers of Bioterrorism Defense Products FCC Consumer Information Bureau The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers National Foundation for Credit Counseling

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