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Gwyneth Paltrow, as Emma, had 52 costume changes throughout this movie!

1. Westons' wedding
2-layer white gown, rounded neckline, top layer is sleeveless, with vertical dark stripes and a very faint large floral pattern. Pinned in center, opening down and out toward floor. Sleeves are short, sheer, and puffed. Gold drop earrings. Purple flowers or Coleus-like leaves in hair, which is tightly pulled with tight curls.

2. At home with Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Knightley returns
All-white lacy soft gown with oval neckline. Neck and shoulders have a white lace scarf attached that ties at the breast. Oval gold necklace. Hair pulled tight with tight curls.

3. Summer's Eve Party
Cream/soft yellow satin gown with loose/puffed 1/2 sleeves. top dress layer is soft cream/yellow with red embroidery pattern (flowers or dots). tied with thin cream satin ribbon at breast, opening down and out toward floor, ending at thigh. shoes are visible. red flowers and white ribbons in hair. Bracelet on left hand, and a red beady necklace.

4. Walking in Highbury with Harriet
Plain white underskirt. 2nd layer has tiny tan/blue floral pattern, and ends about 3-5" above underskirt. rounded neckline, slightly gathered on chest, and has a pink seam there. Short sleeves. white bonnet is untied. Pink knitted shawl. Hair looser in front.

5. Catching butterflies with Harriet
All-white lace or satin dress with short train. Rounded heart neckline. Puffed short sleeves. Looser hair with curls.

6. Walking with Harriet/meets Mr. Martin
Ivory dress with V-neck that has teal piping crossing in front, ending in a thin bow on her left side. Dress has larger blue & red floral pattern. Medium-teal shawl. Shoes visible. Tighter upright hair with tight curls.

7. Stitching with Harriet
Very light mint satin dress with small diamond embroidered pattern. Neckline is wide and rounded. Black and diamond necklace, diamond open-oval earrings. Loose but formal curled hairdo with small white flowers tucked in.

8. Decorating church with Mr. Elton
Long-sleeved off-white dress with larger autumn floral pattern. Square neckline. Off-white bonnet has bow on right side.

9. Painting Harriet's portrait
light-pink dress with faint pinstripe (slightly shiny stripes). Short sleeves with tiny bows on outer edges. 2nd layer is shorter at bottom, and white with tiny pink fleur-de-lis pattern. Gray "straps" with a lace inner edge between sleeves and neckline. Pink layer shows along top bust edge.

10. Painting Harriet's portrait
long-sleeved dress with small yellow & tan/gray floral pattern.

11. Showing Mr. Woodhouse the portrait
Short-sleeved white dress underneath a pink & white wide-vertical striped apron (?); white is gathered at bust.

12. Shopping in Highbury/Mr. Martin's proposal
White underskirt; dark blue 2nd layer shorter than underskirt; long sleeves are crocheted lace. White shawl has large blue football-shaped pattern. White bonnet is untied. Carrying a tan reticule

13. Archery with Mr. Knightley
Pink pinstriped gown with short sleeves having tiny bows at outer edges. Square neckline edged with whitish lace. White boots. Dark sienna/brown archer gloves (left glove is longer while shooting). Gown has a clip at left near arm, to hold up the skirt. Wide pink hair ribbon; curls show at right side of looser hairdo.

14. Asking Mr. Elton for a riddle
Light pinkish-white tiny floral pattern. 2 layers. Top layer comes to calf, and ties in center.

15. Reading the riddle with Harriet
Bold coral underskirt and shawl. Top dress layer is white and tied with coral bows along lower part of skirt, in a scalloped shape. White bonnet with light pink floral & ribbon details. Light tan gloves.

16. Visiting the sick family
Tan & ivory plaid dress. Long sleeves. V-neck lined with ruffly lace. Large ivory striped bow at V. White boots, long red shawl. Tightly pulled hair with tight curls.

17. The Knightleys arrive
Blush satin dress with sheer lacy short puffed sleeves. Shoes visible.

18. Christmas Eve Party
White 2-layer gown. Top layer is shimmery/sheer with small blue floral pattern. Sheer sleeves. Rounded square neckline. Elbow-length gloves are off-white. Tan seam along bodice. White flowers in tightly-pulled hair. Blue velvety hooded cape/cloak is elbow-length on her right side, and longer (to thigh or knee) on left side.

19. Visiting Mrs. Weston about Mr. Elton
Dark grey long-sleeved dress with V-neck, collar at nape of neck, and wide pleats on shoulders. Faint stripe texture. 2 thin green stripes at wrists; small dark blue-green beading along v-neck and straight downward, with a tan flower. Red flowers in sides of tightly-pulled hair.

20. Telling Harriet the bad news
Deep teal dress with long sleeves and V-neck. Sleeves are gathered 1/3-way down. White lacy detail along v-neck. subtle pattern of wide pentagonal-spaced floral shapes. Looser hair.

21. Visiting puppies, and then Miss Bates
Light blue dress with dark blue stripes and small diamonds along stripes. white ruffles at V-neck. Sleeve caps gathered. Hair has three large curls on top.

22. Visiting Jane Fairfax at the Bates'
Plaid dress (repeat of #16?) but with thin red satin ribbon hanging down off back of hairdo.

23. Harriet's chance meeting with the Martins/going to sketch puppies
repeat of #20 but with different hairdo.

24. Meets Frank Churchill on road
yellow and white striped satiny gown. Short sleeves are much gathered and puffy. Square neckline. off-white gloves come just under the elbows. White bonnet with white & yellow flowers and bows, and a large stickpin. Bonnet is tied at neck.

25. Window-shopping, hears from Miss Bates about Coles' party
repeat of #6 but also wearing a greenish-gray hooded cloak, white gloves.

26. Waiting for Coles' invitation
Ivory dress with square neckline. long sleeves. large pinkish-red floral pattern is scattered. Gathered along chest.

27. Waiting for Coles' invitation
repeat of #20/23.

28. Waiting for Coles' invitation
Hard to see--very short scene, she's sitting in a chair facing sideways. Square neckline, off-white satin.

29. The Coles' Party
Satin shawl is light-tan with persimmon floral pattern. Gown is persimmon satin with shimmery short sleeves (puffed). Subtle pattern. Sweetheart neckline, "pinched" in center of chest. White elbow-length gloves. Orange flowers & leaves in tightly-pulled hair.

30. Frank visits and says goodbye
2-layer gown with rounded neckline. lacy 2nd layer has subtle stripe with pink floral pattern. Long pink bow in center. Short sleeves are pinched in the middle.

31. Writing in diary at bedtime
White nightgown with v-neck of ruffly lace.

32. The new Mrs. Elton arrives for a visit
Bold mint-green dress slightly shiny like shantung; rounded square neckline, angled short sleeves with straight edges. White edging on neckline and striped scarf over arms. Bodice has vertical white & green piping (?), subtle pattern of dots. Large striped hair ribbon, long tan necklace. shoes visible

33. in carriage, telling Harriet about Mrs. E.
Plain white dress with a light-tan shoulder shawl pinned at neck. Edge of shawl is fringed. Shorter buff gloves, pearl drop earrings, orangish-red flowers in hair.

34. After church, with Mrs. E. and Mr. Woodhouse
Very pale blue skirt with sheer white overlay. Medium teal top and long sleeves that cover hands; high neck; sleeves gathered with horizontal piece at mid bicep. High greenish-white bonnet with lace scarf tied at neck on left side.

35. Visiting Mrs. Weston with Mr. Knightley
Light mint dress with repeat of tan shoulder shawl (#33) pinned at neck. Large white/mint-white scarf in hair.

36. Dinner with Mrs. E., Jane, Knightley, Westons, etc.
Blush satin top layer with sweetheart neckline, showing white satin square neckline underneath. Blush layer has large subtle diamond pattern. Cluster of small round ball fringe on each sleeve edge. Wide buff satin ribbons in hair.

Nightgown with light blue shiny shawl.

38. With Mr. Knightley at Donwell before the ball.
White dress with round neckline edged in lace. Short puffed sleeves. Sleeveless sage green top layer meets in center, and V's toward neck and also down skirt. Green layer has subtle horizontal shimmery stripes.

39. The Ball
Large hooded satin cloak/coat is pale peachy ivory with a bright orange satin lining, and fur-trimmed hood. Light yellow fluffy gown with rounded neckline, and large yellow floral pattern on top layer that V's down & out and has train. Short sleeves. Elbow-length white gloves. Bracelet on left wrist to attach train to. Tight hairdo.

40. Walking with Harriet/mugging/rescue
Long-sleeved white dress with rounded square neckline & tiny floral pattern. Tiny thin brown ruffle along neckline.

41. Picnic at Box Hill
Sage green satiny dress with white sheer large-patterned 2nd layer (pattern is ovals). Green & white stitching along square neckline. Short puffed sleeves. Wide green bow in center of front. Light green scarf on arms. Large ribbon/scarf in hair with bow on her left side. White boots visible.

42. Attempts a visit to Miss Bates
Light blue rounded neckline dress with satin seam at chest. Shiny detail along neck of ruffly ribbon. Plain along sleeves with slight gather/pinch mid-bicep. 2 thin lines at chest line. Pale tan-yellow floral shawl with reds, blues, purple; hangs to hips. White bonnet with no tie. Dark blue hair ribbon in back.

43. Writing in diary outside when Mr. Weston fetches her
Light blue short-sleeved dress with subtle pinstripes. Puffed sleeves. Rounded square deep neckline. Sheer lacy ivory scarf on arms. Sleeves angled.

44. Visits Mrs. Weston to profess love for Mr. Knightley
Light blue sleeveless dress with sheer white gauzy top layer connected. Has sheer collar/ruffle at nape of neck. Open in front, V's down to chest line, with thin tan ribbon along seam and a bow in the center.

45. at night, when she swaps wall pictures
nightgown of white elaborate lace and V-neck.

46. Picking daisies
Off-white long-sleeved dress with very subtle lavender toile-type pattern. Deep rounded neckline gathered along chest. Sleeves plain. Long necklace with oval pendant.

47. Writing at desk/gives maid the dinner menu
??---will fill in asap.

48. Praying in chapel; walks home, meets Mr. Knightley on path; he proposes!
Buffy ivory gown with long textured tan shawl. Square neckline, gathered at chest. Dress has weave pattern/texture, tiny lace along neckine, 2-layered skirt--top layer edged with fringe. White bonnet tied at neck. Hair piled atop head with large curls, and tiny ribbons pinned in back.

49. Announcing engagement
very hard to see--brief scene.

50. Announcing engagement
very hard to see--brief scene.

51. In greenhouse when Harriet comes to visit
repeat of #32 dress but with light apron over skirt, and long light mint textured shawl with white/shimmered vine pattern. Has large tan tassels at side points on shawl.

52. Wedding!
White lacy gown with sweetheart neckline, short sleeves. Long veil pinned underneath back of hair. Lots of curls on top and sides.

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