This is my page of past layouts, so you can see how my site has changed over the past two+ years. I put up my first doll site in fall of 2004 at Geocities, so there is actually one version OLDER than my "version 1" shown below...but I have to see if I saved a copy of the layout to add here. :)

ver. 1, 1/2005

ver. 2, 1/2005

ver. 3, 2/2005

ver. 4, 3/2005-6/2005

ver. 5, summer 2005

ver. 6, fall 2005

ver. 7, winter 2005

ver. 8, "Moonstone" 1/2006

ver. 9, "Metal" 1/2006-2/2006

ver. 10, "Ship of Dreams" 2/2006-7/2006

ver. 11, "Fantasy" 7/2006-9/2006

ver. 12, "Cocoa" 9/2006-4/2007

ver. 13, "Peachy Blue" 4/2007-8/2007

ver. 14, "Black & White" 8/2007-11/2007
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