Amy's 1977 CTP Scratch & Sniff Stickers Library

All the scents are represented.

These scents came in twos (each design has two different sayings), except for blueberry, caramel apple, coconut, fruit punch, vanilla, & spearmint.
These were originally packaged in sheets of four, with 2 scents per pack; and then re-released as 12 per sheet.
Scents are shown below each set. Please be patient as all images load.

An original pack of 4-per-sheet:
A pack of 12-per-sheet:
Reward Certificates and Bookmarks:

RARE third version of PIZZA--has BOTH sayings!

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Thank you so much to Tonya for sticker scans of blueberry, spearmint, caramel apple, and rare pizza!!

Thank you so much to Nicole for filling in the gaps with several more scans; for the new info. on phrase printings, and for the 4-pack scan!!
Thank you Gerrit for the "good work" pickle scan!