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Brigid Bishop - New Age Author


Welcome to the beginning of the most Interesting and Magickal Tarot Experience you may have ever had. I use a very complex method of tarot reading, a mixture of Crowley, Jungian, Biblical, Astrological and Archetypical Interpretation of the Cards. Most of my clients find my readings refreshing and reassuring, and if they are in a challenging situation they do find some solace in the counsel that is offered. Please click on the link below "Member American Tarot Association, New Age Author" to read client feedback.

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A typical reading usually is completed in under ten minutes, especially if you have your question(s) well formulated before you call. An average call costs my clients between $25 and $30, follow up calls are usually less expensive as I tend to remember repeat customers very well. Of course, if you would like to speak extensively you are welcome to do so, but I try to work as quickly as I can to provide an economical and value-added reading for you. I never try to "bait" customers into staying on the line longer than is necessary, I am very professional. (You can verify this by checking my feedback before calling).

I am a Member of the American Tarot Association and I have been reading cards for over thirty years, I started at the age of eight.
I am empathetic and compassionate and can help you to redirect your path or make a commitment to your current path, depending upon your wants and needs. Contact me for an extensive and thorough tarot session.

I can answer the questions that you have concerning relationships, career, family, situational development, personal spirituality and more.

No matter what your relationship dynamic is I can help you delve into it and find the answers that you need. I will be honest, but I can also help you to redirect in order to change your path and position yourself for the best possible outcome of any given situation. I will read for you without prejudice concerning any issue you may have.

Don't be afraid to be very direct with your questions to me, the more direct you are, the more quickly and accurately the analysis of your situation happens.

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You may notice that my listings range in price, this is due to the categories they run in on Keen and the minimum I must charge to cover feature listing expenses, etc. Of course, you should click on the lowest priced listing to get the best value.

I am the author of the book "Uncloaking the Tarot", a book and workbook set that teaches the tarot on a comprehensive level and is available for purchase through my website. The books are currently available in their prepublication format.

The tarot is comprehensively explained so that anyone can learn to use this powerful spiritual tool for self development.

The tarot was originally esoteric in nature, only monks and cloistered religous scholars knew the true meanings of the cards. In this text you learn the esoteric, kabalistic, biblical, astrological and archetypical meanings of the cards.

Dr. Carl Jung, the father of psychoanalysis, used the tarot and astrology when treating his patients. Applying his methods of analysis to the cards, you can obtain an indepth and accurate reading of your situation from me.

I am also a Professional Astrologer, although I am expert at these New Age Arts, I have a very conventional background in business management. My most recent position was that of Operations Manager for an import and distribution center. I also was in management in the printing industry for twenty years, having been a Work In Process Manager, Pressroom Supervisor and Bindery Manager. I am not your average tarot reader, you will find that my mainstream approach to reading is very realistic and sincere.

I have lead a very full life, nothing shocks me so you can ask for advice on any type of relationship or situation and I will read for you and help you to work through it. Don't be afraid to be very direct with your question, I will read for you without prejudice.


If I am not available, you can speak to one of my well qualified associates by clicking on the link below. Thank you!

The Bell Book and Candle Readers


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I am a newly Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. I believe firmly in the use of all that is metaphysical to increase our spirituality and gain perspective on our spiritual paths. I am also a Practicing Solitary Witch and can help you with any situation that you may have from a magickal and spiritual standpoint through the use of spells and rituals. I was raised a Catholic, I even have been a Lector and a CCD Instructor, but I have blended the Pagan Ways into my Christian beliefs in a manner that I am very comfortable with. I can teach you what you need to know if you are interested in learning The Craft. I can also help you to understand the New Age Art of Witchcraft so that you can feel comfortable mixing your religions if you have a conventional or conservative background.

I can help you with nearly any situation, and if I can't help you I can refer you to a mainstream source of assistance.

If you are looking for a New Age or Metaphysical answer, I can assist you with spell craft and other esoteric ways.

Contact me now and I'll be happy to assist you!

Ask about our Keen Speaker Group, and join - The Bell, the Book and the Candle. All Keen Speakers are welcome.

Email me to learn more about the tarot, wicca, astrology, magick and other new age arts. All emails answered within 24 hours.


You can arrange a call back or an appointment by clicking any of my listings that appear below. Keen will walk you through the process step by step if you have never visited this site before, it is simple!

Please feel free to browse my listings and read the feedback from other clients. I am online every day, I break up my hours between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST. I log in and out, so if you arrange a call I will be back to you very quickly, in most cases less than an hour if you arrange your call during my core hours.

I hope to read for you soon! Bright Blessings!


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