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With Thoughts of Jason - Caleb A. Mertz

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With Thoughts of Jason

Chapter 13

Jason, having to look away to break this hypnosis, took a sip of his drink and raised his eyebrows in disbelief. While bringing down his cup, he giggled a little because Abby was now looking at Jason in disbelief of what she had just seen.

“Is he gay?” She asked Jason, but Jason wasn’t sure. He had seen him quickly at the club before, but that did not necessarily mean that he was gay. When Jason had seen him at the club, he never bothered to approach him. Assuming immediately that Danny would not be interested. Jason had put himself a few levels below Danny on the social food chain. Danny just then came over and poured himself some more absinthe spiked Kool-aid, and took a few quick glances at Jason.

Jason was finding it very hard to not look at Danny, he just seemed to be a magnet to Jason’s eyes, the night progressed with the five of them talking, laughing, and dancing. Danny was playing the role of D.J. Jason had discovered that Danny actually lived with Josh, and there was debate between the two of them as to if they were together. Josh kept trying to steal kisses from Danny, but he kept backing off.

The light was dim, only coming from the kitchen, and it was getting late in the wee hours of the morning. The absinthe was still flowing through everyone’s veins. Jason hadn’t had a drink for about three hours, but still continued to hear people calling his name. It had become a joke through the evening, between Danny and Jason. He was convinced that it was Danny calling his name.

The futon was folded out now, and several people were lying in it. Abby, Alexus, hector, and Danny all lay in the bed, while Jason lay on a small bed next to it. The talking had all faded away now to snoring, but Jason still lay wide-awake.

“Jason,” he had heard, and cursed the absinthe under his breath. It sounded like Danny but Jason knew it wasn’t he lay thinking of Danny over and over in his mind, until he finally fell asleep.

Blue sunlight was filtering through the small basement windows when he woke up. Danny’s face immediately in front of his, eyes still sparkling. A single cricket could bee heard right outside of the apartment door, but that faded from Jason’s hearing, as his heart had begun thumping fast. Danny reached over and rubbed the side of Jason’s face for a second before he leaned in for a kiss. It was a quick kiss. Danny giggled and tuned over to face the other way. A very large smile came upon Jason’s face, yet he lay still. Danny reached back and grabbed Jason’s arm, and put it around him. Jason moved closer, and strained mentally to keep his imagination from flowing. He didn’t want his body to become alert, so he worked with all his might to go back to sleep.

Jason woke a few hours later, to Josh coming out of the other room. “What the hell?” He asked out loud to himself. Jason kept his eyes closed but mentally prepared for a blow up. Jason’s arm was still around Danny, but the covers were off, and their legs were intertwined. Josh opened the apartment door. Out of the slits in his eye lids Jason could see him turn around and look at the two on the floor. The door stayed slammed shut for a few seconds before Danny said anything.

“I better go out there.” He said raising himself off of the bed.

“Why?” Jason asked not wanting Danny to leave his side.

“I have to…I’ll be back.” He said leaning in to kiss Jason. The kiss only lasted a fraction of a second, but Jason felt like he could float. Danny lingered there for another second as if he didn’t want to stop either, before he stood up, and started adjusting his clothes to make them fit perfectly. “I’ll be back,” He said before he exited the door. Jason watched the door until Abby woke up two hours later. No return of Danny ever blessed that door. Jason’s feeling of a loss, at that time alone was immeasurable.

The drive home seemed unbearable. Abby kept cracking jokes about the previous night. Something about, she was convinced she kept seeing a person in the closet. He seemed really sexual, and for some reason got her excited. “I mean we’re talking waterfall…” Abby began laughing so hard. “…but there was nobody there!” She laughed, bending over double and covering her face with her hands. She was laughing so hysterically that her eyes began to tear. “Oh squishy butt, I think I lost it.”

“Squishy butt?” Jason’s face screwed up at the confusion. Then with a Spanish/Chinese accent she began to explain.

<>“Yes, I nodiced dat you walk wid a squishy butt, derfor you shall be squishy butt me friend.” She continued to laugh, and placed a hand on the dashboard. Jason just went with it, he didn’t find this particularly funny. His mind, however, was still with Danny.


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