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New Series: "I'm Gay..."

I have been wanting to give to the community for the longest time, thus I have begun my latest project; a series called "I'm Gay..." There are so many different scenarios that you and I might be able to help out on. Currently I am looking for stories regarding you and your parents if they hated you for coming out or for who you ARE. Then, how you got over those hurdles (if you did!) and/or how you are dealing with it now.

Always enticed by the enthusiastic replies of those looking over the creative writing aspect of, Caleb has posted a few shorts for fans to read.


"...The dark room that I lay in was just that, dark. Little light was penetrating from the street lamp just outside of the window. The white sheets that I lay on barely shown. The glisten of my tears as I cried reflected the street lamp. They were so reflective that I could see his face behind me smiling. He knew I loved it when he did this. He could hardly ever bring himself patience to caress me in this special way. But that was him. I loved him..."

The Lakes Judgement

"...It had eyes disguised as cliff faces, and a nose in the shape of birds. The judging mouth was the lake itself devouring only that in which it wanted and spewing truth for the seeker. The mocking bird laughed mockingly now from one of the lakes eyes..."

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