With Thoughts of Jason - Caleb A. Mertz

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PublishAmerica Presents With Thoughts of Jason by Caleb A. Mertz

Frederick, MD January 7, 2007 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present With Thoughts of Jason by Nazareth, Pennsylvania's Caleb A. Mertz.

This book presents a great new perspective on many controversial issues. Written from a young manís point of view, real situations are presented with little restraint. Many of these situations are confronted daily by Americaís youth. The story told about Jason, the young charming loveable man, will have you feeling as if he were your best friend.

Overcoming skepticism, and ridicule Caleb Mertz was successful in writing a heart felt novel that will leave a great impression on you. The pitfalls and blows that come to Jason, the main character, are connecting on a personal level. Topics that easily come to mind include, drugs, new age religions, sex, homosexuality, and sudden changes in life. We have all known that gay guy, or the gay kid in class. Now we have the opportunity to see what life is like for someone that faces such a unique situation. We as a world still do not fully understand homosexuality. Questions arise such as, Is it Genes? Do you turn gay? What makes a gay man gay? So in our quest to knowledge we can see through the eyes of someone who doesnít flinch, or think anything unusual when two guys kiss. Now we have this great project that all can read whether itís to enjoy, to gain knowledge, to spread awareness, or to just simply pass the time.

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Shawn Street
Public Relations Department