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Difficult Choices Notes

"Difficult Choices" is my very own Pokemon long fic series. I got the idea reading this Sweet Valley High book, Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume II, which is why some of the scenes in the series are based on scenes in the book. It fits Shishi perfectly. Or at least it does, in my own twisted mind.

But enough about that.

"Difficult Choices" happens around the time Satoshi loses to Hiroshi in the league games and decides to follow a new dream. (Don't laugh at that last sentence, I took it from an official Pokemon book.) In my continuity, shortly after Satoshi and Shigeru lose and are out of the game, they hook up, in the most obvious sense of the word. (or is it phrase?) The story starts around a year later, around the time Satoshi decides to go and try his hand at the Orange Islands.

Note: There is a gap between Episodes IV and V. In episode IV, we see Satoshi-tachi about to go to the Orange Islands for the first time. In Episode V, Satoshi-tachi has a slight change in its members: In IV, there's Takeshi, Satoshi and Kasumi, then in V, there's Kenji, Satoshi, and Kasumi. Which means, in my continuity, by the time Episode V starts, Takeshi will have left jari-tachi, and Kenji will have taken his place and hooked up with Satoshi. Episode V will have started at around a year after the beginning of Satoshi's adventures at the Orange Islands.

(Please pardon my rather crude use of the phrase "hook up. ^_~)

And another thing: In my continuity, by the time the story starts, Satoshi's mom is - simply not there. I can't decide what to do with "Hanako" as WhiteCat has named her, (or did you, WhiteCat-chan?) so I simply decided to not include her in the story. Satoshi is (more or less) living alone when in Masara.

In short, this series plays havoc with the entire series. Whee.

Oh, and one more thing (Actually, it's a lot of things.) WhiteCat-sama used the name "Toraeru Satoshi" for Ash's japanese name, so I've used it as well. Hiroki, Tetsuya, and Yui (not to mention Makoto,) are my own characters. Please mail me if you want more info about these charas (particularly what they look like.) and I'll provide you with what info you need. Or want.

Well, that's about it. Ja ne, and enjoy my humble offering!

- Yahiko ^_~