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Difficult Choices

Whee! I got the idea of starting my own 'series' from neko - chan (Hi~i, WhiteCat! ^_^) and here I am. Difficult Choices is the story of...well, basically it's just a Shishi fic that's been stretched out to form at least twenty chapters (that's exactly how far i've outlined, ^_^) with at least two sidestories. It's based on this book by Francine Pascal, Elizabeth's Secret Diary, a book which I read and loved, with some slight changes in the plot.

Annnyyywayy...this is a series. Chapters will be posted once a week, twice a week at the most. (If I get a sudden burst of inspiration, which I will undoubtedly get, just from seeing a certain commercial on TV.^^) As soon as I get my scanner fixed, I'll put up some accompanying fanart of some of the characters.

Age - wise, Takeshi is sixteen, Kasumi is fifteen, Shigeru is fourteen, and Satoshi is thirteen. If you want some information on the characters i've created (Hiroki, Tetsuya, Yui, and Makoto,) email me and I'll provide you with the information you need.

The story is set to start a few weeks before Satoshi decides to go to the Orange Islands. Kenji appears in this series, and will play a large role.

If you wish to see my other notes about the series, click here before emailing me with questions, as I hate it when people read fics and email the author with unnecessary questions.

Now that's all done, let's proceed to the fics! here

~Difficult Choices First Series~

When Love Dies - Chapter One
Dealing With Pain - Chapter Two
Saying Goodbye - Chapter Three
Leaving Home - Chapter Four
Pretenses - Chapter Five *NEW*