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Holy Up! An Akazukin ChaCha Shrine

Holy Up! Welcome to my Akazukin Cha-Cha shrine! Enjoy!

The Story...

Chacha was a little magician girl who was still learning how to use magic. Her teacher Seravi sent her to a magician school, and most of the early TV episodes are about the funny, daily life of Chacha at school with her friends.
There was a mysterious bad guy (Daimaou), whose face never appeared on the screen until episode 24. He sat in his hair in a dark castle, and he had his servant Sorges go after Chacha. Sorges usually used magic and sent one of his underlings to fight Chacha at school.
However at episode 24, the series turned into a more serious story. The true identity of Chacha was revealed, and her battle against the evil Daimaou began. Of course much of the humor and cuteness still remain.
When Chacha and her friends need some help in fighting against the bad guys, Seravi and Dorothy would show up in disguise to help them out. Chacha did not recognize them as Seravi and Dorothy, although everyone else did.

The Characters...

Chacha is a very cute, little magician girl who is still learning how to use magic from her teacher Seravi. She has blonde hair, and is always wearing a red riding hood. Chacha goes to a magician's school, Urara Gakuen, and is in banana gumi (banana class). She still can't use magic very well, and messes up a lot. Chacha likes Riiya, although she treats him like her pet sometimes. Chacha can ride her broom through the air, but she can only ride by herself. When someone rides with her (even if it is Riiya in his wolf form), she usually spins and wipes out. When there is trouble, Chacha can transform into the Magical Princess Holy Up. (This transformation does not exist in the manga.)
For this transformation, Chacha was given a pendant princess medallion, a ring, and a bracelet from Seravi. She needs two close friends to help her with the transformation. So Chacha uses the pendant, Riiya uses the bracelet, and Shiine uses the ring to trigger the transformation.
Chacha says, "Ai yo.." [Love..]
Riiya says, "Yuuki yo.." [Courage..]
Shiine says, "Kibou yo.." [Hope..]
Chacha says, "Ai to yuuki to kibou no na no motoni, Magical Princess Holy Up!"
[In the name of love, courage, and hope, Magical Princess Holy Up!]

The Princess has a magic bow and arrow that she shoots to defeat the bad guys. She says, "Beauty Serein Arrow.. Magical Shoot!" as she fires the arrow. Later, Chacha goes on a quest to find the other magical items (weapons), because her arrow wasn't strong enough for the stronger bad guys. The ability of the Magical Princess is not only to use the three items, but also to use the power of the people who trust her, such as Riiya, Shiine, Seravi, Dorothy, Yakko, Marin, and Orin. These people along with Chacha are called the 8 Paladins of love and courage.

Riiya: (Leeya)
Riiya is a little wolf boy, who can turn himself into a little white wolf whenever he wants to, even without the moon. He has blue hair, and wears a T-shirt. Riiya likes Chacha and hates Seravi. He goes to the same school as Chacha, and he is always hungry and eats a lot.
Whenever Riiya wants to attack something, he turns into the little white wolf. Then just as he leaps towards the opponent, Chacha yells, "Wai, Riiya kawaii!" [Wow, Riiya you're so cute] and hugs Riiya.

Shiine is a little boy magician who is learning magic from Dorothy. He has brown hair, and wears a robe-like outfit. He fell in love with Chacha at first sight. Shiine also goes to the same school as Chacha.
Shiine was jealous of Chacha hugging Riiya, so he turned himself into a little mouse. But since Chacha was afraid of mice, she and Riiya pounded Shiine.

Seravi is the world's strongest magician, and also Chacha's teacher. He is tall and has blue/green hair. He lives in a little house in Mochi Mochi Mountain. Seravi graduated from Urara Gakuen.
Seravi usually carries around his little doll, called Elizabeth. In the past, Seravi was a knight at the king's castle. However when the Daimaou came, he carried baby Chacha and escaped.

Dorothy is a strong magician, who is around Seravi's age. She has long red hair, and lives in Urizuri Mountain. Dorothy hates Seravi, and wants him dead so she can be the strongest magician. She graduated from Urara Gakuen with Seravi.
Dorothy's family was very, very rich. But according to Dorothy's younger brother Doris, Dorothy left home when she was younger saying that she was going to be the strongest magician in the world.

Yakko is a cute little magician girl who is in the magician school. She has purple hair and wears a black riding hood. Yakko loves Seravi and wants to marry him.
Yakko's specialty is to make strange medicines with her magic. But most of the time, she messes up and uses the wrong bottle, which cause more problems than it solves.

Marin (܂) is a pretty and cute mermaid girl who fell in love with Riiya. She has hot pink hair. But she still doesn't know that Riiya was a wolf boy and can transform. When Marin goes on land and becomes dry, her fins turn into legs. Marin is a very selfish girl, and will go all out to get Riiya.
Marin goes to Urara Gakuen, and is in ringo gumi (apple class).

Orin-chan (Suzu):
Orin-chan is a cute ninja girl who fell in love with Shiine. She is painfully shy, and lives with her eccentric grandfather in a house up in the mountains.

Cha-Cha's Magical Items:

The Wing Criss/Phoenix Sword:
Chacha's second weapon is the wing criss, a sword that comes from the saint fairy bird. To activate the sword, the Princess shoots her beauty serein arrow into the sky while shouting, "Saint fairy navigation!" Then the saint fairy bird will appear out of the sky and fly to her arm. Then the princess shouts, "Lightning feather, skill up!" and the the bird transforms into the sword. To attack her opponent, the princess shouts, "Wing criss, burning flash!"

The Bird Shield/Band Shield:
Chacha's attack was strong enough, but her defense wasn't. So Chacha needed the third item, the bird shield. The bird shield could only be made by Muramasa, the son of the royal armorer. The bird shield is normally a bracelet on the Princess' left arm. To activate the shield, the Princess says, "Bird shield, build up!" This creates a invisible force field around her, and saves her from most attacks. Chacha also gets earrings which detects danger even in the dark.

The Crescent Aurora Bracelet:
The bracelet is a powerful magical bracelet which contains a magical boomerang that Cha-Cha can take out and shoot up into the air to gain items that will help her in a given situation. To activate the bracelet, Chacha presses a button on the bracelet and says "Crescent Aurora Bracelet!" She then pulls the boomerang out of the bracelet, and swings her arm upward to shoot the boomerang into the air. She then yells "Magical Boomerang!" as the items appear.

The (?) Brooch:
I don't know the real name of the brooch, but it's power is to draw objects into it's seemingly infinite space. Chacha puts her hands around the brooch and says "Magical Brooch, draw this _______ into your space!" The object is then sucked into the brooch.

The Magical Compact:
This is like a two-way radio. Chacha opens the compact and presses a button, then the images of her mother will appear on the compact's mirror and then Chacha talks to it.

The Lyrics...

Well, i got the lyrics! (oh, i am so good...^_^...)

Kimi Iro Omoi-Opening Theme

motto kokoro naka wo
futari miseaetanara
kotae wa tsukameru yo
nani ga kanashikute
naiteru noka
kizukanai boku wo yurushite
kokoro goto, karada goto
futsukari aetara
futari gono mama
kawatte yukeru
zutto kimi iro omoi
ima mo nemurenai yoru ni
kimi wo dakishime ni igou
ooh ai shiteru
motto kokoro naka wo
futari miseaetanara
kotae wa tsukameru yo

Well, that's it for the Chacha page! See ya!