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Jessi's Foxtrot Page

Welcome to Jessi's Foxtrot Homepage Welcome to my Foxtrot web page! I'm Jessi, I am 12 years old, and Foxtrot is one of my favorite comics.

 There are 6 family members, the dad, Roger, the mom, Andy, the 3 kids, Peter, Paige, Jason, and Jason's pet iguana, Quincy.

 Peter is a junior in high school, Paige is a freshman in high school, and Jason is in 5th grade.

 Peter and Roger are into all sports, Paige loves to shop at the mall, Jason is the smart one in the family and one of his hobbies is annoying his sister, especially with his pet iguana, Quincy, and Andy is the sanest of the bunch and loves making tofu casserole.

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