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Jebus is one of the coolest people in the World and ever since I saw him I had ta start a club. Now it's your chance ta join and be cool like the current members of the club. Me and my friends are trying to start this cool club and so anyone who wants ta join can. So all you have ta do is follow the simple directions and you can become a member just like that. And once your a meber you can tell your friends so they can join and then it can be a kick ass club. So here's what ya have ta do to become an exclusive member:

1)Think of a name that you want as your name for the club. There is only one limitation though. The name has to end in "bus." e.g. Joebus, Kebus, ect. If the name you pick is already taken then you will have ta choose another one of course.

2)After you have a name in mind send me an email at Included in the email, tell your nickname and if you want your real first name. Also you can choose a job in the club and to see examples of jobs check out the members section to see what jobs are already gone.

3)After I get the email I will email you back telling you of your entrance into the club. Then I'll put your name onto the members list. There will be updates on stuff going on in the club and also a newsletter will be sent out periodically so I will try to get a Jebus newsletter out sometime in the near future for all members.

And that's it. There's nothing special you have to do. Just join and you'll be a member of the Jebus fanclub like a whole lot of other cool people. So take this great oppritunity and sign up today!!

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