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VMU Mini Games

Special thanks to the creator's of all these games, Supernaut

Professionally Made VMU Games

Powerstone (3 Mini Games In 1)
Soul Calibur (3 Mini Games In 1)
Pac-Man (Very Cool)
Tetris (Small, But Cool)
Etch-a-Sketch VMU
Connect Four
VMU Vision
Slide Puzzle 1.0
Simon (Memory Game)
Original Snaky
Another Snaky
Trickstyle Mini-Game (Snaky again)
Metroid Mission (lmao)
Forever Legend Pocket v1.9 (RPG)
Space Invaders

Japanese VMU Games (Go to for tips on import vmu games.)

Pop 'n' Music
Shenmue (Get For Beating Shenmue)
Sega GT
Godzilla (Comes on Japanese VMU's)

More To Come Soon

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