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(Does she really need a clever title?)

Well, I FINALLY have some big news to report (and it's particularly big for me). Portia has finally signed on to do another movie. And there is possibilty that another of my FAVORITE acctresses will be involved. Read on:

VARIETY columnist Michael Fleming reports Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal) has signed on to the female lead in the comedy CLETIS TOUT. Tim Allen, Christian Slater, and Richard Dreyfus also star, and it's rumored Sarah Michelle Gellar may be signing on as well.

How about THAT shit, huh? She's the female LEAD! AND in a comedy! Someone is finally taking notice. And if that Sarah rumor is true, well, with both of them in it, I'll be the first one in line for that one.
That's about all for now. Got some new pics (like the one above) that were donated by my good pal Bippy Boy, thus ending the dry spell!

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The Official Portia de Rossi Website

That's right. Portia has her own official website now. And guess who's page has his own link on her page of favorite links? Yours truly!

Many of the pics you see on this page I acquired from the Portia de Rossi Devotion Site (which is apparantly not the only Portia de Rossi website on the web)

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