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James' Domain

Wuz up Team Rocket fans this sight was created for you. DON'T FORGET TO VISIT THE OTHER AREAS TO FULLY ENJOY YOUR STAY AT THE DOMAIN! Please vote for me way below, and tell me what you want in the domain by e-mail or the poll. Check out the clip art and Ash sucks area. Bookmark me and remember, I'm getting a chat room made all you jabber-jaws.

Pikachu must fall!

Increase hits to your site.

If you have any pic. then e-mail them to me. Go ahead and take my pictures. My suggstion if you have a site is to join one of the following web rings.

Click here to see clip art.

Click here to see the anti-Ash area.

I earned these badges at the PsyPoke Online Gym!

Challenge your skills at the PsyPoke Online PokeGym!

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