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Chemical Consultant


To provide quality Consulting (or Contracting) services dedicated to finding innovative but practical solutions to client’s problems that will result in superior products and processes with reduced costs.



Latex [and Emulsion] Polymers

Adhesives, Coatings, Nonwovens, Rug Backing

Polymer Technology

Acrylics, Polyesters, polyethers, Polyamides, Urethanes

Paper Technology

Creping Processes, Chemical Formulations and Mill Support

Surface Active Agents

Anionics, Cationics, Nonionics and polymerics

Materials Analysis

DSC, TGA, TM, DMA & Rheology



Product/Process and Formulation Development

Chemical and Technical Problem Solving

Evaluation of Technical Feasibility and Market Potential.

Technical Support and Trouble-Shooting

Planning and/or Evaluation of Experiments and Research Proposals

Literature Searching, Market Evaluation and Cost Analysis.

Expert Witness




Prior to entering consulting, Dr. Wallace Pippin has had 36 years of diversified corporate background in the chemical industry with Air Products and Chemicals, General Electric, Henkel Corporation, Rohm and Haas and Scott Paper. His background includes positions in research, product and process development and laboratory management.

In 1964, Dr. Pippin joined Rohm and Haas as a research chemist where he acquired an exhaustive knowledge of anionic, cationic and free radical solution polymerization of both polymerics and surfactants. During this time he developed several new industrial surfactants (including Triton DF16, DF18 and X67) and biocides (B594) and a [patented] a novel chemically degradable surfactant and biocide based on glucose chemistry.

In 1974, Dr. Pippin joined Air Products and Chemicals as a Senior Research Chemist where he directed a group conducting synthetic research and development of new and improved emulsion polymers. His accomplishments include development of an original high-solids paper coating latex (Vinac 855-Patent granted in 1981) and unique monomer designed to yield special rheological properties while reducing costs for several existing products (including Airflex 120). His group developed and successfully implemented manufacture of ethylene-vinyl chloride latex technology (Airflex 4000 series-new line of products).

In 1979, he joined Scott Paper where he established and directed a Materials Analysis laboratory, involved in developing specialized creping adhesives (two patents). The knowledge base he assembled for monomeric and polymeric materials was used in implementing new papermaking technology in the US, Canada (Cottonell), Australia and UK (Evergreen – took over major portion of market within one year).

In 1988, Dr. Pippin became a Senior Project Engineer in the personal health care and cleaning area. He directed projects that developed a financially successful (est. sales $50MM/yr) polymeric wound gel for Scott Health Care Division (NormGel and HyperGel) and successfully implemented a modified wet creping process for the Towel Division, reducing costs by $2MM/yr with no loss of quality.

In 1992, Dr Pippin joined the Henkel Corporation as a Technical Service Manager in surfactants. There, he designed , built and managed a surfactant laboratory. In addition he acted as a Senior Advisor to Henkel (USA) R&D on "Green" Surfactant Projects (Disponil A and G series) and was instrumental in transferring many commercial products from Germany to North American production facilities (on-time and within or under budget). He is the holder of 8 US and International patents.

After retiring in 1999, Dr. Pippin has continued to act as a consultant in the polymer and surfactant industries. From 1999 to 2004, Dr. Pippin consulted with the Omnova Corporation on specialty latex polymers; conducted a market survey on metal cleaners for W.R. Grace; assisted in the development of an indirect evaporative cooler based on the "Maisotsenko thermodynamic cycle" for Denver-based Idalex technologies; designated potential new manufacturing sites for SAi Healthcare; and, was an expert witness in a surfactant infringement lawsuit. From 2004 to present, Dr. Pippin has been developing new landscaping specialties for DomenAlex Inc. (two patents have been applied for). In addition to consulting, Dr.Pippin is a research proposal Evaluator for the Soybean Oil Council.



201 Royal View Drive

West Chester, PA 19382

Phone: (610) 431 4942

Fax: (801) 858 9595