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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:52:39 +0530 > > sairam, > > > Through baba's grace the dubai people got to experience the presence of shirdi baba here! there no words to explain this ,, rather to say its beyond words! > > > One Mr. vasu shroff an industrialist is a devotee of baba. about 2 years back he had gone to shirdi and prayed to baba asking him as to when He was coming to dubai. When he opened his eyes he saw a peice of paper on his lap. it said that " I will come on the 15th of April 2004"! . > > > There is a shirdi group which conducts sathsang every fri at a place in jumairah[dubai]. > > >They had a got murthy from shirdi and wanted to install that . since baba told MR.vasu that he will be coming on the 15th of april they wanted the installation on that day. baba came in vasu's dream telling him that he will give him darsahn at 2am on the 15th. round the clock preparations were going on for the installation. at around 1.30 am Mr vasu asked all the people working there to go home. baba had told Mr. VASU THAT HE WANTED SOLITUDE AND THAT ONLY 4 PEOPLE,CAN SEE HIM. MR. vasu had sleptoff and baba appeared in his dream and told him" i am waiting outside the villa when are u coming" [ Mr. vasu's residence is elsewhere]. > > > baba aslo told him that he wanted his driver sharma to welcome him. so when MR. vasu went to the villa he saw that the doors were open and all the lights were on at 2am! he saw baba as 30 year old man.baba sat in the mandir and wrote messages in 11 slips of paper. he materialised rudrasha mala for Mr. vasu.He gave one small vijayasthamb[for victory] . > > > > > > He said whosoever prays touching the vijayasthamb with pure devotion will get success in life. he wore old padukaas and came there. he said that they belonged to,lord siva. MR. vasu asked baba to give his footprints in chandan. a cloth was spread and baba gave his footprints in them. about 9 of them are there going towards the shrine! then he came out and went to the opposite room and said that he wanted to take rest for sometime. now they have named the room as dwarakamayi. meanwhile one lady whom MR. vasu had informed [one of the 4] called.then baba went and sat in Mr. vasu's car. then HE kept the padukas on MR. vasu's head. then MR. vasu went around the car 7 time with baba sitting inside. by that time the lady arrived. she got His darshan! baba gave her 2 mangoes and blessed here. the he asked Mr. vasu to get into the car and take him the sonapur temple.[sonapur is a place in dxb where hindus are allowed to do the cremation]. > > > [Mr. vasu has built a shiva temple there. Mr. vasu had lost his daughter about 7 years back]. when the car reached the temple he saw his daughter standing there at the entrance! baba told him " u were worrying about her now she is with me!" then baba got down from the car and went to the temple . his daughter merged into baba and baba went into the temple and disappeared into the shiva idol.all things which he has materialised is kept in the temple for everyone to see. he also told that when he wants the padukas itwill come back to him. the old wooden padukaas the mala the writings and the vijayasthamb can be seen by everyone .baba also lit the akanda jyothi there and it is still burning. they are going to convert the whole place into shirdi! the pujari from shirdi has also come for this purpose. the installation is over and the regular aarthi goes on like it is in shirdi. > > what can be said about HIS grace! as said before it is just beyond words! > > > sairam > > > S.K.S > > > Dubai.UAE. > > >