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Novas A.R.C.

We are an animal rescue center, located in the eastern district of Pennsylvania, specializing in the rescue of exotic Birds. We have been in the animal rescue business for the past 13yrs. We provide a permanent home for unwanted, abandoned, homeless birds, who for what ever reason have become to much for their owners. We provide a safe clean home, proper veterinary care, training and plenty of love and affection.

We also provide size appropriate cages and an excellent variety of fresh fruit and veg. on a daily basis. We take all size birds from Parakeet to Macaw, also donations of cages and other Bird supplies are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to call on us for the placement of any other animals or other information.

Thanks In Advance.

Rafael Nova.

Nova's A.R.C.
(484) 274-6724

My favorite links...they help feed the birds too!

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