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Lore Fitzgerald Sjo:berg for President in 2000

My name is Lore, and I want to be your president.
Well, for starters I bet it would be fun. I'd get to sit in the Oval Office and spin around in the chair. And eat Boo Berry with heads of state from around the world. And then Monica would come by and ... no, wait. Scratch that one.
Anyway, vote for Lore. You won't regret it.
Not unless I tell you to.

Read Lore's Acceptance Speech
News, 1/3/01 -- Lore Not Named To Bush Cabinet
News, 11/12/00 -- Lore Concedes, Bush Confused
This is Lore
Official LFS Theme Song

"Vote For Lore Or He'll Lose!"
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Lore on the Issues

Education The Force Big Government The Brunching Party
Health Care Family Values Britney Spears
Drugs Abortion The Military

These are our values. Unless people don't want them to be. But I'm pretty set on the foosball thing.

A counter. How unusual.

Lore Cartoon

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Meet the opposition

Republican Party

  • George W. "W" Bush

Democratic Party

Reform Party

  • Pat Buchanan

Green Party

  • Ralph Nader

Socialist Party

  • David McReynolds

LOLB Party

Libertarian Party

  • Harry Browne

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