• Orange Helicopter Is
  • Michael Hanson (Guitar)
  • Coley Tennant (Drums)
  • Joey C.Jones (Vocals)
  • Dave Crow (Bass,Vocals)
  • I had the pleasure speaking with Dave Crow
  • On September 20/2000
  • (Eddie):Where did you get your band name from and who came up with it?

    (Dave):We got the name from John Hawkins, who is a friend of Joey's.
    We thought it sounded different and fit the music.

    (Eddie):Tell us a little history of how the band formed?

    (Dave):I was writing songs that didn't fit into the previous band that I was in (Crabtree) and Joey came in to sing on some. Initially, Orange Helicopter had no name, and was just a side project to Crabtree. After Crabtree's collapse, Joey and I decided to go in a different direction and do this band. We wanted to have more radio accessible songs and be more vocal oriented while continuing to have the bombastic quality of Crabtree. This band is definitely that! My long time friend, Coley Tennant, joined the ranks on drums,
    and a new friend,Michael Hanson on guitar.

    (Eddie):Where can we purchase your CD?

    (Dave):Our CD can be purchased online at:
    CD Baby.com
    Our Website
    You can also check out our songs at:

    (Eddie):What was your most memorable experience making the cd or playing a gig or both?

    (Dave):Making the CD: When I started doing it no one I knew wanted to have anything to do with the songs and after I got the disc together everyone I knew wanted to be in the band.Playing live: Just getting things up and running and having a great inital response to this point.

    (Eddie):What are the bands influences?

    (Dave):The Move,Cheap Trick,The Beatles,The Who, Foo Fighters, Enuff' Z 'Nuff.
    Lots of other English invasion stuff.

    (Eddie):How would you describe your bands sound?

    (Dave):Retro English Invasion meets New York punk.

    (Eddie):If we were to come see you live,what can we expect to see?

    (Dave):Lots and Lots of Energy, great vocals, great songs, wierd clothes.

    (Eddie):Who produced the cd and where?

    (Dave):I produced it,It was done mostly at Nomad Studios. Tracks were also recorded at Bovine Studios and Studio 4000.Special thanks to Kol Marshall and Gary Long of Nomad Studios, and Tim Cox of Studio 4000.

    (Eddie):What made you want to become a musician and who if a band or individual?

    (Dave):Every Rock band from Judas Priest to the Monkees.

    (Eddie):Any new information for your fans or future fans?

    (Dave):We're working on new music, playing lots of shows, talking to some management companies, and basically giving it all we've got every night.

    (Eddie):Well Thanks Dave for the interview it was very informative and we wish you the best of luck in your career and future aspirations, we also look forward to doing this again sometime in the near future.

    (Dave):It was a blast and we defiently will do this again down the road,
    take care and thanks for spreading the good word.

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