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The Restless Souls Page

I have always been interested in the paranormal. From as far back as I can remember I have always loved watching scary movies and reading scary stories. I can still remember every Saturday night watching Chiller Theater with my dad. Him sitting on the lazy boy recliner and me behind it peeking out around the side then ducking back behind it when the scary parts came on. I still sometimes hide behind a pillow when the scary parts come on when watching movies. But anyway my page is going to be about ghosts. I want to collect as many of your scary stories as I can and put them on my page. I'll start off with a couple of my own experiences and some that arent my own but have happened to people in my family. There will also be some of my favorite ghost links listed at the bottom of the page. I also would like for you to send me any ghost pictures you may have so that I can post them also.

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Send your stories and pictures to me at

(make sure you give me your name so I can give you credit for your story and please do not use all CAPITAL letters when typing your story.)

Winner from page 1 ghost stories was: The Little Girl

Winners from page 2 ghost stories were: Hospital Ghost & More Unexplained Knocks

Winner from page 3 ghost stories was: My Old House

Winner from page 4 ghost stories was: Voices

Winner from page 5 ghost stories was: Grandma Watching Over

Winner from page 6 ghost stories was: My Dear Laura

Winner from page 7 ghost stories was: Mystery Girl

Winner from page 8 ghost stories was: My Aunt's Haunted House

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Unexplained Pictures Page

Famous Ghost Pictures


Haunted Links

Adopted Ghosts, Monsters, and Creatures of the Night

Where The Ghosts R (newly added: Texas Ghosts 7/9/01)

(list your favorite haunted places in your neighborhood or state...send a brief discription of the haunting)

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