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32 Volt DC,1500 Watts

      This is the Generator Page, my name is Gus, I collect generators.
      The purpose of this page is to promote good "Generatorship", and to dispel any unwarranted fears that some would-be collectors may have on this subject.
      To most novices, generators (commonly called light plants) may appear to be heavy, complicated, ugly and loud.  But, any accomplished generator man will assure you that they are just that!!!  Don't let that scare you.  By embarking into this fascinating window of the engine collectors hobby, you will find that while spectators will yawn as they walk past rows of ordinary engines, they will gather and stare in amazement as you endeavor to create and harness that most revered servant of mankind, "Electricity".  Fellow collectors will respect you for your talents at bringing these iron and copper compexities back to life, as well as having the guts and commitment to gather them up and drag them around.
 So, sit back, relax, smoke if you got 'em, and scroll around awhile.


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Image of dyneto.jpg Image of fairbanks 1.5.jpg Image of fairbanks a.jpg Image of fairbanks h.jpg
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Image of kohler e21.jpg Image of kohler eu.jpg Image of kohler se2.jpg Image of little pal.jpg
Image of marble card.jpg Image of national battery.jpg Image of pioneer bd6.jpg Image of sampson jr.jpg
Image of standard elec..jpg Image of stearns deluxe.jpg Image of tiny tim 1.jpg Image of universal.jpg
Image of us motors.jpg Image of w e with batt.jpg Image of west. 12.5.jpg Image of willys light.jpg
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