Fire Photos


February 15, 2016, 1216, 11292 Snyder Dr., Walker Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

snyder1    snyder2    snyder3


January 18, 2016, 0809, Residential Structure, 11188 Campbell Hollow Rd., Henderson Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

campbellhollow1    campbellhollow2    campbellhollow3    campbellhollow4    campbellhollow5    campbellhollow6    campbellhollow7    campbellhollow8    campbellhollow9


April 11, 2012, 1128, Tractor Trailer Accident with Fire, Intersection of the Williamsburg Mountain Rd. & Hartslog Valley Rd., Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

porter1 porter2 porter3 porter4 porter5 porter6 porter7 porter8


June 5,2011, 1059, Garage, 4729 McAlevys Fort Rd., Jackson Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

jacksontwp1 jacksontwp2 jacksontwp3 jacksontwp4 jacksontwp5 jacksontwp6 jacksontwp7 jacksontwp8 jacksontwp9 jacksontwp10 jacksontwp11 jacksontwp12


May 31, 2011, 1940, Camper Trailer, Family Campground, 11601 Piney Ridge Rd., Smithfield Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

camper1 camper2 camper3 camper4 camper5 camper6 camper7 camper8 camper9 camper10 camper11


February 18, 2011, 1917 Residential Structure, 14008 Raystown Rd., Penn Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

penntwp1 penntwp2 penntwp3 penntwp4 penntwp5 penntwp6 penntwp7 penntwp8 penntwp9 penntwp10 penntwp11 penntwp12 penntwp13 penntwp14 penntwp15 penntwp16 penntwp17


May 2, 2010, 0921, Residential Structure, 316 Church St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

316Church1 316Church2 316Church3 316Church4 316Church5 316Church6 316Curch7 316Church8 316Church9 316Church10 316Church11 316Church12


January 21, 2010, 1726, Residential Structure, 5774 Mardon Ln., Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

McGuire1 McGuire2 McGuire3 McGuire4 McGuire5 McGuire6 McGuire7 McGuire8 McGuire9 McGuire10 McGuire11 McGuire12


January 10, 2010, 0820, Residential Structure, 12553 Stone Creek Ridge Rd., Henderson Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

stonecreekridge1 stonecreekridge2 stonecreekridge3 stonecreekridge4 stonecreekridge5 stonecreekridge6 stonecreekridge7 stonecreekridge8 stonecreekridge9 stonecreekridge10 stonecreekridge11 stonecreekridge12 stonecreekridge13 stonecreekridge14


October 4, 2009, 0939, Garage, 7762 Jersey Lane, Morris Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

MorrisTwp.1 MorrisTwp.2 MorrisTwp.3 MorrisTwp.4 MorrisTwp.5


January 22, 2009, 2300, Residential Structure, 612 14th St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Amy Isenberg*

61214th1 61214th2 61214th3 61214th4 61214th5 61214th6 61214th7 61214th8

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

61214th9 61214th10 61214th11 61214th12 61214th13

*Photos by Larry Isenberg*

61214th14 61214th15 61214th16 61214th17 61214th18


August 24, 2008, 1431, Residential Structure, 17 East Vandevender St., Mt. Union

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

MtUnion1 MtUnion2 MtUnion3 MtUnion4 MtUnion5 MtUnion6 MtUnion7 MtUnion8 MtUnion9 MtUnion10 MtUnion11 MtUnion12


June 22, 2008, 0410, Building, 5th & Church Sts., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

Kunz1 Kunz2 Kunz3 Kunz4 Kunz5 Kunz6 Kunz7 Kunz8 Kunz9 Kunz10 Kunz11 Kunz12


November 24, 2007, 2112, Residential Structure, 1118 Washington St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

1118Wash1 1118Wash2 1118Wash3 1118Wash4


November 24, 2007, 0909, Garage, 9528 Bark Ridge Rd., Henderson Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

BarkRidge1 BarkRidge2 BarkRidge3 BarkRidge4 BarkRidge5 BarkRidge6 BarkRidge7 BarkRidge8 BarkRidge9 BarkRidge10 BarkRidge11 BarkRidge12 BarkRidge13 BarkRidge14


November 11, 2007, 1003, Commercial Structure, Burger King, 9654 William Penn Highway, Smithfield Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

BurgerKing1 BurgerKing2 BurgerKing3 BurgerKing4


November 9, 2007, 1952, Multi-Family Residential Structure, 331 Penn St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

331Penn1-07 331Penn2-07 331Penn3-07 331Penn4-07 331Penn5-07 331Penn6-07 331Penn7-07 331Penn8-07 331Penn9-07 331Penn10-07 331Penn11-07 331Penn12-07


June 4, 2007, 0157, Residential Structure, 715 5th Ave., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

7155thAve.1 7155thAve.2 7155thAve.3 7155thAve.4 7155thAve.5 7155thAve.6 7155thAve.7 7155thAve.8 7155thAve.9


April 22, 2007, 1510, Residential Structure, Pond Rd., Walker Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

PondRd.1 PondRd.2 PondRd.3 PondRd.4 PondRd.5 PondRd.6 PondRd.7 PondRd.8 PondRd.9 PondRd.10


April 15, 2007, 0028, Residential Structure, 406 Mifflin St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

406Mifflin1 406Mifflin2 406Mifflin3 406Mifflin4 406Mifflin5 406Mifflin6 406Mifflin7 406Mifflin8 406Mifflin9 406Mifflin10


January 15, 2007, 1530, Building, 400 Penn St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

400Penn1 400 Penn2 400 Penn3 400Penn4


August 16, 2006, 1450, Barn, Rt. 305, Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

Barn1 Barn2 Barn3 Barn4 Barn5 Barn6


June 12, 2005, 1115, Multi-Family Residential Structure, 331 Penn St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

331Penn1 331Penn2 331Penn3 331Penn4 331Penn5 331Penn6 331Penn7 331Penn8 331Penn9


March 6, 2005, 0325, Residential Structure, 309 Washington St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

309Wash1 309Wash2 309Wash3 309Wash4 309Wash5


February 6, 2005, 0541, Residential Structure, 12th & Moore Sts., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

12th1 12th2 12th3 12th4 12th5 12th6 12th7 12th8 12th9 12th10 12th11 12th12 12th13 12th14 12th15 12th16 12th17 12th18 12th19 12th20 12th21 12th22 12th23 12th24 12th25


February 4, 2005, 1958, Residential Structure, Snyders Run Rd., Juniata Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

upton1 upton2 upton3 upton4 upton5 upton6 upton7 upton8 upton9 upton10 upton11 upton12


January 3, 2005, 0351, Residential Structure, Just off of Seven Points Rd., Penn Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

grubb1 grubb2 grubb3 grubb4 grubb5 grubb6 grubb7 grubb8 grubb9 grubb10 grubb11 grubb12


June 9, 2004, 0450, St. James Lutheran Church, 6th & Mifflin Sts., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

Lutheran1 Lutheran2 Lutheran3 Lutheran4 Lutheran5 Lutheran6 Lutheran7 Lutheran8 Lutheran9 Lutheran10 Lutheran11 Lutheran12 Lutheran13 Lutheran14 Lutheran15 Lutheran16 Lutheran17 Lutheran18 Lutheran19 Lutheran20


April 4, 2004, 0940, Garage, 1318 Oneida St. Rear, Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

oneida1 oneida2 oneida3


December 4, 2003, 0007, Residential Structure, 219 19th St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

19th1 19th2 19th3 19th4 19th5 19th6 19th7 19th8


April 15, 2003, 0311, Residential Structure, Williamsburg Mountain Rd., Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

hartslog1 hartslog2 hartslog3 hartslog4 hartslog5 hartslog6

hartslog7 hartslog8 hartslog9 hartslog10 hartslog11 hartslog12


February 2, 2003, 1421, Cabin, Hawn Rd., Oneida Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

hawnroad1 hawnroad2 hawnroad3

*Photos by Pat Pauly*

hawnroad4 hawnroad5 hawnroad6 hawnroad7

hawnroad8 hawnroad9 hawnroad10 hawnroad11


November 11, 2002, 2320, Commercial Structure, Shaffer's Sunoco, Rt. 26 S., McConnellstown

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

shaffer1 shaffer2 shaffer3 shaffer4


September 3, 2002, 0255, Residential Structure, Willow Hill Circle off Snyder's Run Rd., Juniata Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

snydersrun1 snydersrun2 snydersrun3


July 24, 2002, 1939, Vehicle, Piney Ridge, Smithfield Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

pineyridge1 pineyridge2 pineyridge3


July 10, 2002, 1519, Commercial Structure, Overhead Door Company, Mifflin Co. Industrial Park, Granville Twp., Mifflin Co.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

doorco1 doorco2 doorco3 doorco4

doorco5 doorco6 doorco7 doorco8


July 4, 2002, 1509, Structure, 2358 Front Mountain Road, Menno Twp., Mifflin Co.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

frontmtn1 frontmtn2 frontmtn3 frontmtn4

frontmtn5 frontmtn6 frontmtn7


June 24, 2002, 0517, Structure, The Bridge Cafe, Mill Creek

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

bridge1 bridge2 bridge3


June 19, 2002, 2310, Residential Structure, 1131 Mifflin St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

mifflinst1 mifflinst2 mifflinst3

September 14, 2001, 1824, Westwood Lane, Warrior Ridge, Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

westwood1 westwood2 westwood3 westwood4

westwood5 westwood6 westwood7 westwood8


June 16, 2001, 0702, Crestwood Estates, off of Snyder's Run Road, Juniata Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

crestwood1 crestwood2 crestwood3 crestwood4

crestwood5 crestwood6 crestwood7 crestwood8


December 25, 2000, 1654, Crooked Creek Road, behind McDonald's, Smithfield Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*


December 1, 2000, 0210, Trailer, Henderson Hollow, Juniata Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*


November 26, 2000, 0143, Structure, Warrior Oaks, Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

w-oaks1.jpg w-oaks2.jpg w-oaks3.jpg

w-oaks4.jpg w-oaks5.jpg

*Photos by Tim Fagan*

w-oaks6.jpg w-oaks7.jpg w-oaks8.jpg w-oaks9.jpg

w-oaks10.jpg w-oaks11.jpg


October 18, 2000, 1820, William Smith School, Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

school1.jpg school2.jpg


May 13, 2000, 1254, Car, Warrior Ridge, Porter Twp.

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

carfire1.jpg carfire2.jpg carfire3.jpg


February 25, 2000, 0307, Structure, E. Penn St. & Stone Creek Ridge Rd., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

ridge1.jpg ridge2.jpg ridge3.jpg


January 26, 2000, 1346, Structure, Rt. 26, McConnelstown

*Photos by Kristen Fleck*

mactown1.jpg mactown2.jpg mactown3.jpg mactown4.jpg


December 24, 1999, 0600, Wilson's Movie House, 105 Mt. Vernon Ave., Smithfield

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

movie1.jpg movie2.jpg movie3.jpg movie4.jpg


November 17, 1999, 1905, Structure, 1021 Mifflin St., Huntingdon

*Photos by Tom Fleck*

mifflin1.jpg mifflin2.jpg mifflin3.jpg