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Turmoil haunts the storm-ravaged soul...

The ship of life has lost its way....

The storm has hit with revengeful lust.

We learn to sail again only when we realize that we must go on during the roughest times and times of being caught in the "eye of the storm"....


Sometimes, in the middle of grief, we feel like we are caught in the "eye of the storm". This site is reserved for me to share with you some of my background with being caught in the "eye of the storm". .

This site is still under construction. I began it on 9-19-99, one of our last "odd" numbered days that we will live through during the course of our lifetime. There will be about two more "odd days" in November. Then, another all odd day, month and year wont be seen until the century 3000 and something. In the midst of all these end digit numbers, there is still a new beginning as in this site. Sometimes, it doesn't feel like there could ever be a new beginning but there can be. Watch this site and grow with it.

Please feel free to  e-mail me with your comments and suggestions.
I am excited to get  this "off the backburners" as I have been planning this for some time now. Please, remember, that even in the eye of the storm, there is light and a new path.... sometimes in our journey of life, sharing with one another can help us get just a small glimpse of that light. Come on have found a safe haven here. Part of my background is in hospice nursing. Not only that, death has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. With time, I will reveal more about how this has effected my life. Each life touches another....we are all part of the "ocean" of life. Tiny waves we would be by ourselves....together, as a ocean, we can face any storm that comes our way.

The largest journey begins with the first step. So, let's take hands and journey onward until we can all see "glimpses of the light" even when we are caught in the "eye of the storm".

Begin your journey.


(From all I can learn, the previous guestbook site is "defunk". It is the yellow outlined box you see below this guest book. I am going to leave it on a little longer just in case the site should return.If anyone has any information on the "beseen guestbooks, please let me know.) In the meantime, I have set up this new guestbook. It means a lot to me to know who my honored guests are. *Please double-click the link you see here and sign my guest book 
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It saddens me to report that I lost my first guest book.
Please,please it is even more important NOW to me that you sign my guest book. I am so honored that you stopped by today. You can do so by simply clicking the link above...I have saved the bottom link as a "reminder of what was". Blessings to you on your path of life.....Iris Little Bird/Pathfinder