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Australian Republic:made in USA

Union of NZ & Australia?Yes M.Kirby of the High Court says so

GST/VAT:Tax Harmonization a la EU in Australia

APEC+ASEN:Japan's sphere of influence

The Bilderberg Group and the project of European unification

"Sheer Coincidence ":Schroeder backs EU government

Harmonising Gun Control: who's pushing it and why

Global Anthropology: A Global Religion for a World Govt so says the Bahai Movement Declaration "A Turning Point for All Nations

The World Federalist Association: World Law for a World Govt via International Criminal Court

Creating an Empire: The Supra State.The European Union and Post-national Integration*Erik Oddvar Eriksen** and John Erik Fossum**

- Rapid Deployment Brigades & -Update on a Rapid Deployment UN Force Legislation to Establish a UN Rapid Deployment Force.

The EU and Post-National Legitimacy:justifying govt by foreigners. ARENA, University of Oslo

SMALL ARMS AND THE UN CONFERENCE Plough shares Monitor, September 2000

Future of Global Institutions & Microdisarmament

Paul Treanor, sociologist debunks Globalisation ideology.

Paul Treanor Index on pan-nationalism, neoliberalism and human rights

Indoctrinating Elites:The Role of Think-tanks

The Power Elite and Foundations:How Policy is made

Social Dynamics of Elitism

William Carroll Quigley:Prof History Georgetown Uni of Tragedy & Hope

Rapid Progress in UN's Worldwide Effort to Harmonize Gun Control Laws--Full Report


World Federalists:Global Imperium Ideology

Regional govts and Supranational Ideology

ECHELON & UKUSA:Real Life Big Brother

Trilateral Commission:Global Corporatism

Rockefeller Dynasty:Oil Monopoly is Good Bio in Brief

Ronal Bailey (Ecoscam) Club of Rome Running out of Evidence. Article from PHILAHTHROPYROUNDTABLE.ORG

A Big Lie: Beyond the Limits Reader:crises scenarios:overpopulation, resource depletion, global warm, global cool etc ad lib

World of the Future according to the Club of Rome, via trade blocs

European Union:The 4th Reich?

Gun Control:Micro-disarmament

Leftwing Propaganda:Guilt, Blame & Politics by Allan Levite

Funding Left-wing Radicals: Foundation Center

Funding the Greens II: Rockefeller Brothers Fund:Greenpeace, David Suzuki Foundation and more

Part II

Funding the Left: Foundations granting funds to the Activists

List of foundations

Peter Singer , The Animal Rightist get paid by Rockefeller Foundation

read all about it.

" "

Eugenics and its Origins in the Foundations:


Sir Oswald MosleyThe Greater Britain The Corporate State. Collectivism for Cartelists?

The evolution of the policy of multiculturalism in Australia 1968

Multiculturalism and the Ruling Elite
(Part One)

by Daniel Brandt

Opportunity is rapidly vanishing, poorly masked by an institutionalized
preference for diversity. Leftist academics in ivory towers are hooked on
designer victimology but fail to notice the real victims -- the entire
next generation. Meanwhile the rich get richer.
Have a nice New World

PC Holy Cows:Animal Liberation in Australia. Animal Rights.Net

The Frankfurt School:Genesis of Political Correctness and New Left

Water Privatization:Means & Ends

Land Rights:Blood and Soil Ideology PC'ed

Eugenics & Genocide:Its Anglo-American Origin

Beyond The Limits To Growth A new update to The Limits to Growth reveals that we are closer to "overshoot and collapse " -

Meet the author of the book Beyond the Limits to Growth Ms Donnella Meadows

Deep Ecology and Pantheism:The Religion of Environmentalism

Shivering Cold:Still Waiting for the Greenhouse Effect from Tasmania by John L Daly

Environmentalism:Mikhail Gorbachev  the Greens & Green Cross International President

Club of Rome and Malthusianism for the 21st Century

Al Gore and the Cult of GAIA (Earth Goddess?)

Sustainable Development:Conserve by Privatization part 1

Rockefeller Brothers Funds on Limits to Growth book and why they like it.


The Club of Rome

World3: The computer simulation model that changed history!

Download a copy now from the source now. About 3Megs.

Uses Neo-Malthusian trick of Exponential Growth to get the disaster scenarios and justify global govt and austerity.

Get a copy and play doomsday-man too!

World3 Explorer Request Form

Fill the form and lie to them

Source site Uni of Hampshire

What is World3 ?

The Greens's Doomsday Wish list?

you name :greenhouse, ozone hole, new glacial age....etc.


in 1972, the Book Limits to Growth described the prospect for growth in the human population and the global economy during the coming century. The book was the outgrowth of a two-year project at MIT to investigate the long-term causes and consequences of growth in population, industrial capital, food production, resource consumption, and pollution. They created a computer model called World3.

Where the Left gets the money?

Philanthropists at War

by Daniel Brandt

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is encouraging its members to help curb the unrestricted availability and proliferation of small arms and light weapons Part 2

Microdisarmament Stop the proliferation of small arms and light weapons! Part 3

FAIRA supports the role and work of the Aboriginal Provisional Government (APG).

Aboriginal Provisional Government The APG Papers

COMMUNIST PARTY OF AUSTRALIA: AUSTRALIAN MARXIST REVIEW: Land rights are ...Aboriginal land rights challenge capitalism.


Political Correctness:Frankfurt School

Genesis of CFR:USA's Manifest Destiny

Lobbying Techniques:How the Experts do it

United Nations & League of Nations: The Genesis of Imperialism

Global Govt, the Socialist International & BCUN: Manifestoes of Tyranny

Strange Bed fellows:Henry Ford and The Nazi Party

USA's Manifest Destiny:Skeletons in the Closet

Immoral Global Elite: 'Democratic Elitism' CFR

Big Brother and UKUSA:The Real Deal

New Links

Henry Philip Isely: A world Government Pioneer

Biography of a World Governmentalists: government is never big enough to solve problems?

World Government Institute (Japan) and World Party


Toshio Suzuki

"Institute to Establish the World Government"

Promoting the ideology of supranational authority and coming to a neighbourhood near you.

World Constitution and Parliament (WCPA)

yes it is World Govt people and their new site. Read it from the source.

"General Perspective
     The World Constitution and Parliament Association offers an organization and    a course of action by which people and government leaders who want peace
and human welfare can gain control over world affairs for the good of all people  on Earth."

World Parliament

-the 'details' of Global Governance:To save the world from non-existing problems.


The charter

Union Now from ]

In Search of Atlantica Seeking to unify Western Europe (EU+USA) into a single regional trade/mutual defence bloc along US Federalist lines. Please note Christian Herter,Nelson Rockefeller and CIA man Foster Dulles at work.

History of Union Now 1939 to 195

The Rise of the Atlantic Union Movement

Self-explanatory eh?

What is the World Government of World Citizens?

The Ellsworth Declaration Other relevant declarations for Global Governance

POSITION PAPER 1978 - U.N. vs. World Government
The Reason for the maze of International Treaty Law: To undermine national parliaments and legitimate legal jurisdictions of elected authorities.
Federalism, Fascism , The European Movement Supranationalism - History
the 3rd Reich's plan for One Europa
" 'I am convinced that, in fifty years' time, people will no longer think in terms of countries'- Joseph Goebbels 1940.
Global Interdependence
Achieving World Governance via Economic and later Political Integration: Notes on the Supranationalism and its legal-economic strategies. From UC Davis  Uni political studies.
-Customs Union
-Common Market (Free Trade Bloc
-International Integration
-European Integration
The Theory Put into Practice:
The Young European Federalists
Site "
"The institutional model proposed by Mr. Jospin is a beast with too many heads" - the JEF Europe press release in response to Lionel Jospin's speech about the future of Europe.
Robert Michels' Oligarchy
A Treatise: On how groups eventually create tyrannies.
A graphical lesson on the rationale  of Elitism and its implications for democracy.
Charles Wright Mills

on The Power Elite: The definitive work on society's rulers.
"To understand the power elite we must attend to three major keys: I.. . . .The psychology of the several Elites in their respective milieux. In so far as the power elite is composed of men of similar origin and education..(The Power Elite, 1956, p. 19).
"To say that these higher circles are increasingly co-ordinated, that this is one basis of their unity, and that at times as during the wars, such co-ordination is quite decisive, ..." (The Power Elite, 1956, p. 20).

George Orwell's

World of Nineteen-


Global Government and

Regional Government (Economic Blocs)

Update 3rd February 2002

The faceless people behind the World Government and the ICC legal coup d'tat against

the national sovereignty of Free Nations.

Let me introduce you to:

William R Pace




The World Government Banner of Human Rights and World Law and Treaties,

Universal Jurisdiction is the Goal ICC people say:

" law permits, and in some situations requires under the

aut dedere aut judicare (extradite or prosecute) principle, states to

exercise universal jurisdiction or to extradite suspects to a state

able and willing to do so or to surrender them to an international

criminal court with jurisdiction over the crime or suspect..."

William R Pace

William R. Pace

has been executive director of the

World Federalist Movement since 1994.

Mr. Pace is a USA citizen from the Rocky Mountain region of America. He has been a life-long

civil and human rights activist, environmentalist, peace-advocate, and inner-city activist.

In 1987, Mr. Pace served with Amnesty International (ironically, Zbiniew Bzezinski is also

a leader in AI, a US policy-maker and adviser! ) in New York and London as a director of the

Human Rights Now! concert tour. AI's version of WEF, a Social World Forum statement

Mr. Pace is co-founder of numerous NGO networks and steering Committees, including in recent

years the Coalition for an International Criminal Court, the NGO Steering Committee for the UN Commission

on Sustainable Development, the Washington Coalition on Human Rights, and International NGO Task Group

on Legal and Institutional Matters (INTGLIM).
In 1999 Mr. Pace served as the Secretary-General for the Hague Appeal for Peace civil society conference,

a monumental gathering for peace in the city of The Hague in the Netherlands.

For your information William Pace leads the Center
for Development of International Law situated in Washington DC.

More from the Univeristy of Cincinatti

Billy's ICC NGO octupus :

NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court
William Pace
777 UN Plaza, 12th Floor
New York 10017
Tel: 1 (212) 599-1320
Fax: 1 (212) 599-1332

Here are some links

William R Pace at the UN on the formation of the ICC : A


William R Pace: Bio and mission statement

a la "Star Trek's Mr Spok :Unity in Diversity" from

the World Federalist Movement site, they say " VISION
Unity amidst diversity
The meaning of federalism
Its relevance to the world "

- Utterly Laughable, just like the wanna-be Imperium the EU right? -

and last and not least : A sermon fromthe Global Government Mountain :

Global Forces in the Post-Cold War World Lecture Series
William R. Pace
"Globalization and Democracy

Amnesty International Guns for Australia: see report

The Reason why Human Rights as advocted by the CFR -

Globalist crowd are so useful and so are the fools; in the words

of Paul Treanor " Why human rights are wrong
Human rights conflict with the principle of moral autonomy, and are an excuse for oppression"

plus the Dogooder Crusade:

"I renounce my human rights" by Paul Treanor
The first online renunciation of human rights by an individual,

written in the immediate aftermath of the Kosovo war.

Now a much larger war seems inevitable, more explicitly a crusade.

A Prediction Come True: EURASIA


Franken-Europa- A Monster Suprastate Epic.

Made with the corpses of the European Nations' Sovereignty.

So Die, Monster Die....

The Euro-Anschluss - Responsible Party

:Bilderberg Group, Corporativists in the Oswald Mosley mould...a " Fascism with A Human Face"..see

his followers are still active at

George Orwell Told Us So

Suffer the People of England, a land now known as

Air-Strip One, no longer a fiction...of 1984...


Tony Blair is at War with Central Asia and by Jingo he's gonna get his pipeline!...


British Patriot, England Your England...

Rodney Atkinson.

Rodney Atkinson-EURASIA and the End of the Pound, Air Strip One

Rodney Atkinson's  News at

Fascism and Communism explained as variants of Corporativism.

Update 12th June 2002

Who said Fascism was dead?!, Oswald Mosley supporters are alive and well, find out the real Fascists from Oswald Mosley.Com includes their own definitions on the Corporativist and Authoritarian society. Please follow up the links of like-minded groups,includes the Suprastatist European Movement and the American Fascists (ironically libertarians and real nationalists fight against their country being abolished piece by piece).

Also the infamously perfidious Union Movement 1948-1986 ; where he openly advocates in books "Tomorrow We Live" and the Alternative" where he advocates the concept of "Europe a Nation".

Do not be confused by Leftwing name-calling, they don't pick on these guys and most contemporary fascists wear Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and drive Ferraris, the ideology of the ruling classes. Please read this quote from the American Fascist Movement on Mosley and the European Movement ' In 1947 Mosley formed the Union Movement which advocated British integration in Europe and an end to commonwealth immigration. Mosley was unsuccessful in his two attempts to enter the House of Commons for Kensington North (1959) and Shoreditch & Finsbury (1966). Oswald Mosley died in 1980 .' Fascists and Communists are for the EU eh!.

More revelations at it an Anschluss? Operation Sealion in slow-motion? Only Legal. Ever wonder if the Fascists are real Nationalists only but in name, think again. Who were the Leftists prostesting against earlier in 2002-Le Pen and Fortuyne don't figure on their list of Fascist friends...and not Hitler either? -

More incriminating evidence from the Objectives of Oswald 'UNION OF EUROPEAN PEOPLES To secure the Union of the European Peoples in recognition of the fact that the division of the best brings the rule of the worst. This age requires the extension of patriotism and the union of the kindred of Europe.....BRITAIN AWAKE AND JOIN THE UNION OF THE EUROPEAN. ' Their words not mine!, and could've be written by the Euro-Socialists today, well they are anti-nationalists after all too. Please note in lindsay Jenkins in Britain Held Hostage notes the support for Hitler and the Euro-Fascists by the Federation (Renamed Confederation) of British Industry back to the 1930's, with memberships linked up to Bilderberg..and what else? Key Issues: ' Europe a Nation. Britain must advance beyond the concept of a so-called united Europe and Common Market.

We must advance quickly to"Europe a Nation", which we have advocated since 1948. We stand for a union of all Europe, independent of both America and Russia.

This "third force" should have a central government for its defence, the economy, finance and scientific development, with power to raise wages and control prices as production increases for a guaranteed market, insulated against unfair competition from the rest of the world.

We need a European army, equipped with the most modern weapons, to defend our continent against attack from any quarter. This should be financed on a European budget, instead of each small country straining its economy to finance its own defence."

Have we heard this before from the Euro-Left and other Trash from the Continent? BEWARE and PASS the WORD.


Europe's Full Circle 

Treason At  Maastricht

Rodney Atkinson's premier UK Freedom site, against Europe's Bilderberg coalition of Imperialists . 

Buy the book Europe's Full Circle and save your country, because yous is next.From the author RA says: 

Europe's Full Circle (1997) Corporate Elites and the new Fascism This devastating book shows how

the same philosophy, structures and even institutions of the Nazis' Europe of 1941 have been faithfully 

recreated in today's European Union.  Save the Pound and keep it Sterling....

circle.gif (10500 bytes)

Atkinson describes the individual and corporate connections with the nazi era and how Hitler's methods 

of imposing "German Europe's" rule on free nations have been adopted by "democracies" today. 

Nazi influence after the war; the treasonous conduct of British Establishment figures; the secretive 

Bilderberg Group, its infamous and covert influence; 1930's Appeasement and 1990's Eurofanaticism;

the power of the Nazi legacy; Fascism in today's "democratic" parties. 

Great research into the roots of the European Union and its corporativist precedents.


Rodney Atkinson's links

Britain Held Hostage

Lindsay Jenkins

Britain Held Hostage

Reveals for the first time who created the EU and why. Even before the war British and

American friends in high places planned one Europe. Today Britain has a new constitution,

the Treaty of Rome; British law is subservient to European law. Shortly Britain will be a

province in a German Europe. Soon British voters will know that although they won the war, they lost the peace

More on Lindsay Jenkins and new book The Last Days of Britain :The Last Betrayal.

A summary of Britain Held Hostage is available now


  Railroading the World Empire into Australia

The Truth the Australian Republican Movement,

The ALP and the Communist Party of Australia

The Free Trade Road to the Regional Federation of States...

Currency Trade Blocs

Euro for Eurasia (EU)

Yen for Eastasia (APEC/ASEAN)

US Dollar for the Americas (FTAA/NAFTA) known as AMERO

ANZAC dollar for New Zealand and Australia (CER)?

perhaps the Trilateral Commission's Three Regions map' or more like the reconstruction of WWII fascist blocs? This is their plan to for the New and Brave World Order

On the Coming Oceania Bloc.

...and what will become of Australia? Merged with New Zealand eventually with ASEAN/APEC 

(Japan's Greater Eastasia Co-Prosperity Sphere) by way of a currency absorption?

Or as proposed be 'annexed' monetarily by USA by the ANZ trade bloc dollarising its currency? Please read 

....and the old foggy world governmentalists:

Walter Cronkite and Norman Cousins -

World Federalist Association

Supports of World Govt, fair,   unbiased, objective?

I Think Not


Some Globalist Friends of 'us', Walter Cronkite, Norman Cousins

and Nescafe Kofi Annan chat at the War/Peace Studies Think-tank function;
seeking to bring the much-hyped world government once and for all for the goodness

of humanity into being. WCPS.ORG

Stumbling into the 21st Century UNEXERCISED SOVEREIGNTY: A KEY PROBLEM

Global Report Issue

No. 53 -- Summer 1998

Who Should Govern the Planet: The United States or the World (nescafe Onan,

world govt partner anyone?)."

The Binding Triad Concept:

To create a world legislative parliament of nation-states as constituents based

on three voting stages; as per

ARTICLE 13 3 (UN Charter)

. The General Assembly may enact legislation that creates rights and

obligations under international law for all members of the United Nations and for natural and legal persons

under their jurisdiction, by a decision that attains, notwithstanding Article 18, each of the following percentages

of votes cast by the members of the General Assembly present and voting: (a) a two-thirds majority, with one vote

assigned to each member, (b) [a simple majority], with votes assigned to each member in proportion to its population,

with no member assigned votes in excess of [15%] of the world population, and (c)

[a simple majority], with votes assigned to each member in proportion to its assessed contribution to the regular budget

of the organization, with no member assigned votes in excess of [15%]

f that budget.

The UN goes pop and commercial So who's laughing now??? Pat Buchanan eh? I think yes! So much denial, well here's the

stuff...and on world problems (they are the problem, not the solution) the scam of WORLD3 laid out here in front of your eyes to see.

Global Scares they want solved.


Globalistic Legalisms, International Law for International Govt

They want you country abolished via International Treaty Law!

The International Criminal Court:Who is behind it?

The World Federalist Association and the World Government cohorts
Led by...William Pace of the International Law Center.
William Pace, third from right and president (believe it or not Ripley! Peter Ustinov)

See a
photo of William Pace and his cohorts  during the signing of the International Criminal Court,

a World Court for a World Government.

Just a sample of World Govt nuttery....

The Center for War-Peace Studies

The CWPSapplauds the creation of the ICC

who pays for the ICC?

Ford Foundation and J and C Macarthur Foundation according to Capital Collected

notes on the influence of World Federalists on the march of

World Government Legalisms-the vague 'war crimes' and 'genocide'-

not exactly killing people in gas chambers in Courting Global Tyranny by William F. Jasper
Moral Hazards of a Global Court for a World Government of Globalists, from

International Criminal Court Statute Adopted in Rome, July 17, 1998
and finally the
ICC International Coalition home-page,

real motherhood stuff, but sorry no sale mate...
see for yourself

See the source of the behind the Global Court; the World Federalist Movement, just click the planet
...As they say No Globalisation without Representation and I say bollocks....

and on ideological globalisms of scarcity and impeding doom for the planet courtesy of the club of Rome...



Updated often , so stand-by me Eric Arthur Blair....