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OLD EAST END NEWS -- 12/16/00 to 11/03/01

Photo by Dennis DeVoe

On Saturday, November 3, 2001, at approximately 1330 hrs, Fawn Grove(56) Fire Company was dispatched to a reported brush fire on Bridgeton Road near Throne Road. Arriving units found a smoky field fire advancing swiftly due to the dry and breezy conditions. Mutual aid was requested from Airville (55) and Stewartstown (54) Fire Companies. The fire was brought under control in about an hour.

Additional photos: Brush 56 Working, Smoke Showing.


On Monday, October 29, 2001 at 0630 hrs, Delta-Cardiff (57) and Fawn Grove(56) Fire Companies were dispatched to a reported chimney fire at 299 Aubel Road in Peach Bottom Township. Crews found smoke showing and fire traversing the walls of a 2 1/2 story balloon framed dwelling. A second alarm was requested, bringing apparatus and manpower from several area departments, including: Stewartstown (54), Whiteford (HC 6), Norrisville (HC 10), and Darlington (HC 9). See it on the World of Fire: Click Here.

Photo by Dennis DeVoe


Later, on Tuesday, October 4, 2001, at around 4:30am, Delta-Cardiff (57) , Fawn Grove(56) , and Whiteford (HC 6) Fire Companies were alerted for a reported barn fire on Wise Road in Peach Bottom Township. A 2nd Alarm was requested almost immediately after dispatch, as a large glow could be seen for miles. Upon arrival, the barn was fully engulfed in flames and additional requests for tankers and water supply units were made. The fire was brought under control in about 3 hours. The cause has not yet been determined.

Photo by Dennis DeVoe

On Thursday, October 4, 2001, shortly after midnight, Fawn Grove(56) Fire Company was dispatched to a reported vehicle accident on New Park Road near Bridgeton Road. This location has been the site of several serious accidents in years past. Chief 56 arrived and notified dispatch that an occupant was trapped in the vehicle. This brought and additional engine out of Fawn Grove, as well as Heavy Rescue 57 from Delta-Cardiff. It is believed the driver was pinned by the dash and extrication took approximately 1 hour.

Units responding: E56-2, B-56, A-56. *Working Rescue*: E56-3, R57.


On Monday, October 1, 2001, at around 8:30am, Eureka (54) , Shrewsbury (61), New Freedom (58), and Maryland Line (BC 450) Fire Companies were alerted for a reported dwelling fire at 16481 West Liberty Road in Hopewell Township. Units went on location with smoke and fire showing from a 2 1/2 story wood-framed dwelling. A 2nd alarm was requested due to manpower, bringing units from Fawn Grove, Winterstown, and Tower 58. See this incident on the World of Fire.


On Thursday, September 6, 2001 at 0145 hrs, Norrisville (HC 10), Fawn Grove(56), Jarrettsville (HC 7), and Whiteford (HC 6) Fire Companies were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire in the area of Norrisville's fire station. Captain 10 arrived to find a 40' x 50' barn well involved on West Heaps Road between Channel Road and the bridge. The 2nd engine dropped a supply line from the bridge to the fire scene, leading to the establishment of a good water supply. Crews pulled two preconnects to overhaul the fire, which was already in an advanced stage. Whiteford's engine was redirected to HC 10 for a fill-in. Crews were on the scene until nearly 4:00am. The Maryland State Fire Marshal's office is investigating this fire. Additional photos: First-In Engine.

Units responding: HC E1013, HC E1012, E56-4, E56-3, E56-1, HC E714, HC E712, HC B1041, HC R1082, HC M1091. HC E611 to HC 10.

Photo by Todd Gibney

Photo by Todd Gibney

Photo by Chris Nelson

Photos were recently submitted of 2 past incidents in the area. The first, shown at right, was a vacant dwelling fire that occurred earlier this year on Whiteford Road. Units arrived to find fire showing from this 2 1/2 story wood frame. The building was allowed to burn due to the fire's advanced stage and fact that the house was due to be razed anyway.

The other photos, Interior 1 and Interior 2, are from a house burning conducted by the Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company in Harford County. Several surrounding departments participated in this structural burn.


On Monday, August 20, 2001 at 0100 hrs, Fawn Grove(56), Stewartstown (54), and Norrisville (HC 10) were dispatched to a reported structure fire in the area of Brown Road and PA Rt. 851. While originally thought to be a good intent call, it was eventually determined that the barn owned by the South Eastern School District on Thompson Road was ablaze. Units arrived to find a 100' x 100' empty barn 20% involved in fire. E54-3 deployed their step gun and knocked down the majority of the fire while E56-4 stretched their 1 3/4" attack lines to finish the job. The fire was quickly brought under control and crews remained on the scene until approximately 0400 hrs for overhaul. The barn sustained moderate damage in the fire, partly because there were no contents. Lightning is believed to have been the cause of this fire. See this incident on the:WORLD OF FIRE.

Units responding: E56-3, E56-4, E56-2, SU56-1, B56, A56, E54-3, WT54, HC E1013, HC AIR761. E57-4 to STA 56.

Photo by Todd Gibney

Photo by Todd Gibney


On Wednesday, July 11, 2001, at around 5:00pm, Whiteford(HC 6), Darlington (HC 9) and Delta-Cardiff (57) Fire Companies were alerted for a reported 10-50 PI Rescue at the intersection of Prospect Road and Mill Green Road. Arriving units found two vehicles into an embankment with entrapment. Crews experienced a minor setback during extrication when a hydraulic hose burst on the Hurst system. E-612 set up a landing zone at Mt. Vernon Church for Trooper 6 and Medic 57-2. M-691 and M-991 transported to Upper Chesapeake. At this time, the conditions of the patients are unknown.

Units responding: E-613, M-992, M57-2, E-611, B-641, E-612, M-691, MSP Trooper 6.


On Tuesday, July 10, 2001, at around 4:15pm, Jarrettsville (HC 7), Norrisville (HC 10) and Fawn Grove (56) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported dwelling struck by lightning, Box 7-30, at 4035 Joshua Court off of Mt. Horeb Road in Harford County. After dispatch, Communications advised of a second call reporting flames from the roof. E-714 arrived to find fire showing from the roof of the dwelling and asked the 2nd engine to drop a supply line. Command 7 requested a tanker and fill-in be dispatched. The fire was placed under control in about 20 minutes. No damage estimate was available. One firefighter suffered heat exhaustion.

Units responding: E-714, E-712, E-713, E-711, E-1013, E56-4, WT57, Air-761, M-792. E-1312 to Company 7, House 1.


On Sunday, July 8, 2001 at 0850 hrs, Delta-Cardiff (57) and Airville Fire Companies were dispatched to a reported vehicle accident with unknown injuries on Rt. 74 at Snyder Road. Additional information advised of entrapment with serious patient. Chiefs 55 & 57 arrived to find a single-vehicle into a pole and overturned with two occupants of the vehicle trapped in the car. It was quickly determined that the driver was a Priority 4 and that the extrication of the other patient would be extensive. A special call was put out for Lancaster County Rescue 5-7 (Quarryville VFC). Personnel had to remove the pole from the car and used numerous hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric tools in addition to winches and high-lift jacks to extricate the patient, which was complete at 10:04am. The entrapped patient was flown to York Hospital by Life Lion and then to Hershey Medical Center. Another pediatric patient in the vehicle was taken to York by ground. View other photos: Overall Scene , From the Road .

Units responding: R57, E55-1, E57-4, S55, R5-7, M57-1, A57-2, M691, M97.

Photo by Don Williams


On Saturday, July 7, 2001, at around 4:00am, Airville (55) and Delta-Cardiff (57) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported dwelling fire with people trapped, Box 55-02, on Woodbine Road in Airville. Units arrived to find smoke showing and the living room on fire. Firefighters that live nearby were able to remove 2 occupants of the dwelling. The fire was quickly knocked, but resulted in a burnout of the living room. One victim, believed to have been on the couch, was transported to Chester-Crozier burn center and was listed in critical condition.

Units responding: E55-1, E55-2, E55-3, WT55, S55, E57-4, E57-2, WT57.
This site recieved the ladder54 firefighters excellence awardThis site recieved the ladder54 firefighters excellence awardladder54 firefighters

The East End Website has been honored with a fire department internet award for the 4th time. On June 30, the site was awarded both the Excellence Award and the Firefighting Award from The Excellence Award is the highest honor given out by Ladder54 and we are very deighted that they chose us for that award. To see our other awards, please go to our Awards page.


On Friday, June 29, 2001, Eureka VFC (54) was dispatched for a reported vehicle accident with entrapment on Barrens Road South in front of Barton's Fruit Farm in Hopewell Township. Units arrived to find a 2-vehicle accident with the passenger of one of the vehicles trapped in the car. Personnel removed the door to access the patient, who had non-life threatening injuries. View another photo: Door Pop .

Units responding: E54-2, E54-3, A54-1, A54-2.

Photo by Todd Gibney

Photo by Dennis DeVoe

On Sunday, June 24, 2001, at 0130 hrs, Whiteford (HC 6) VFC was turned out for a reported "vehicle fire with pole down" on Graceton Road between Rt. 136 and Wheeler's School Road. Arriving units found that a vehicle had sheared off a telephone pole, went down over an embankment, and burst into flames. A second vehicle then came along and struck the pole lying in the roadway and called for help. After extinguishing the fire, members found the badly burned body of a male victim in the auto. An investigation is continuing.

Units responding: E613, E611, M691.


On Sunday, June 3, 2001, at 9:55am, Whiteford (HC 6), Delta-Cardiff (57) , and Darlington (HC 9) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported dwelling fire, Box 6-02, in the 2000 block of Whiteford Road, between Heaps Road and Ridge Road, in Harford County. Chief 6-1, whose house is directly across the street, advised that he had heavy smoke showing from a vacant dwelling. He then upgraded the incident to a 'working fire' and instructed a pre-connect to be brought to the rear of the dwelling. The fire was brought under control at 10:09am and was believed to be minor in nature. The fire investigator was requested.

Units responding: E612, E611, E57-4, E914, E613, B641, SU57-5.


On Saturday, June 2, 2001, Norrisville (HC 10) and Fawn Grove (56) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported dwelling fire on Fawn Grove Road, between McDermott Road and MD Rt. 136 in Harford County. Because the dwelling sat a significant distance off the road, the fire evidently burned unnoticed for some time. A thick cloud of black smoke could be seen as far away as Interstate 83 at MD Rt. 439. First arriving units from Norrisville found heavy fire showing from the first and second floors of the 2-story wood sided dwelling. Units extinguished the fire and performed a search. A dog was removed from the dwelling, but was deceased.

Photo by Dennis DeVoe


On Monday, May 7, 2001, shortly after noon, Delta-Cardiff (57) , Fawn Grove (56) , and Whiteford (HC 6) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported building fire at Woodbine and Rock Ridge Roads in Peach Bottom Township. Originally reported as a grass fire approaching a structure, Chief 57 arrived to find heavy fire showing from a 20' x 25' building/shed. First-in E56-4 dropped a supply line and put 2 pre-connected handlines in service, with the help of crews from 57. The fire was placed under control within a half hour. The building suffered heavy damage, but was still usable.

Units responding: B57, E56-4, E57-4, E56-2, HC E612, HC E611, E56-1. *Fill Ins* E55-2 to STA 56.


OK, I know it appears that I've been slacking over the past several months, but I had a good excuse -- I was building a house. Now that the house is complete and we're moved in, I hope to update the site regularly with local fire/rescue news and happenings. Not to mention all the latest information on the doings of the East End Volunteers. We have made a few additions to the engine and are looking forward to a great parade season in 2001. Hope to see you soon......and stay tuned!!!


Wednesday, January 24, 2001 was a busy day for area firefighters and medical personnel. At around 1600 hrs, units from Delta-Cardiff (57) and Fawn Grove (56) were dispatched to Ridge Road in Peach Bottom Township for a reported double shooting. Details are sketchy at this time, but it is know that at least 1 female was found to be DOA. Units responding: E57-3, M57, & M56.

Shortly after 2300 hrs, units from Fawn Grove (56) were dispatched to a vehicle accident at New Park Road and Allen Lane in Fawn Township. Chief 56 arrived on the scene and upgraded to a "working rescue." The Nissan Pathfinder had rolled over and came to rest on it's wheels. The driver was pinned between the crushed roof and the passenger side window/door frame. Crews flapped the roof and removed the patient. Ambulance 56 met an MSP Helicopter for transport. Units responding: E56-2, B56, A56. *Working Rescue* E56-3, MSP Trooper, PSP.


On Thursday, January 18, 2001, shortly after 0100 hrs, Airville (55) and Delta-Cardiff (57) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported building fire at 1411 Woodbine Road in Lower Chanceford Township. Units from Airville arrived to find fire showing a single-story 20' x 75' workshop/barn. A second alarm was struck, bringing units from Fawn Grove (56) and Lancaster County's Rawlinsville Fire Company. The fire was extinguished using pre-connected handlines and placed under control within an hour. Approximately 40 firefighters battled the blaze in freezing temperatures. The building was a total loss.

Units responding: E55-1, E55-2, E55-3, WT55, S55, E57-4, WT-57. *2nd Alarm* E56-4, E57-2, R57, LC WT5-8, HC Air 961.


On Tuesday, January 9, 2001, Delta-Cardiff (57) and Fawn Grove (56) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported building fire at the Amber Light Inn on Aubel Road in Peach Bottom Township. Dispatch advised that a caller reported smoke from the building. An additional engine was picked up from Whiteford VFC (HC 6) due to the time of day. Units arrived to find a 125 x 25 single story wood-framed motel with heavy fire showing from side 'D'. E57-2 advanced an attack line and E56-4 pulled ceilings in the adjacent motel room. The fire was contained to the room of origin through an aggressive attack and the existence of a gypsum fire wall. Additional photos: Crews at WorkThe Aftermath.

Units responding: E57-2, E56-4, HC E-611. *2nd Alarm* E56-3, E56-1, WT55, HC E-612, HC E-1013, HC Air 961, A-57.

Photo by Dennis DeVoe



Chief  -  Richard Williams
Asst. Chief  -  Kent Grein
Captain  -  Drew Myers
Lieutenant  -  Brent Williams

On January 1, 2001, the newly selected officers of the East End Volunteers took office. They will continue the proud traditions upon which the organization was founded. With the exception of "Fire Chief", all officers and member positions were selected out of a hat...removing the potential for personal friendships playing a role in the elections. Of course, we all know that doesn't happen. To check the full rundown of the 2001 Officers & Members, click here .


On Wednesday, December 27, 2000, Delta-Cardiff (57) and Fawn Grove (56) Fire Companies were turned out for a reported dwelling fire on Bair Road in the Susquehanna Trails area of Peach Bottom Township. After confirmed reports of a working fire, Chief 57 picked up an additional engine from Whiteford VFC (HC 6). Units arrived to find heavy fire showing from an addition to a 2-story wood frame and rapidly spreading. Crews from E57-4 advanced an attack line through the front door where fire had begun to show. The bulk of the fire was knocked down, but continued to burn unchecked in the walls and attic of this balloon-frame house. Additional apparatus was requested to the fire scene, bringing units from Stewartstown (54) and Norrisville (HC 10) Firefighters tried to stop the fire's spread, but were forced to evacuate the building when the roof showed signs of weakening. Later, crews re-entered the structure and completed extinguishment. Fill-in companies handled a fire alarm at Delta-Peach Bottom Elementary.

Units responding: E57-4, E57-5, E56-4, HC E-611, WT57. *Working Fire* E57-3, E57-2, E56-3, E911 to 57, E54-3 to 56, E311 to HC 6. *Special Call* E54-3, HC E-1011, HC E-712 to 56, E55-2 to 57.

Photos by Don Williams

Photo by

Christmas trees account for 400 fires annually, resulting in 10 deaths, 80 injuries and more than $15 million in property damage. Typically shorts in electrical lights or open flames from candles, lighters or matches start tree fires. Well-watered trees are not a problem. Dry and neglected trees can be. For more information on Christmas tree safety and to see a video, Click Here .



Chief  -  Gordon Wisnom
1st Asst. Chief  -  Ira Walker, Jr.
2nd Asst. Chief  -  Kent Grein
Captain  -  Bob Barber
1st Lieutenant  -  Tracy Baldwin
2nd Lieutenant  -  Aaron Eaton

Chief  -  Doug Shanberger
1st Asst. Chief  -  Kirk Webb
2nd Asst. Chief  -  Kevin Ritz
Captain  -  Chris Nelson
1st Lieutenant  -  C.J. Thompson

Chief  -  Tommy Gray
1st Asst. Chief  -  Jeff Griffith
2nd Asst. Chief  -  Ray Smith
Captain  -  James Smith
1st Lieutenant  -  Richard E. Williams

We are pleased to say that there were no "dimpled chads" found in the voting boxes for any of the above elections. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as the EAST END VOLUNTEERS will be drawing their 2001 Officers out of a hat very shortly.


For the second time in three months, the East End Website has been honored with a fire department internet award. On December 16, the site was awarded the First Due Web Award from Engine & Hose. Webmaster Michael Cossey stated "...Your site has been reviewed and I'm proud to say that it has earned the new Engine & Hose First Due Web Award. Please display the attached award with pride. To win this award, sites must have clean design, quality content and must be of service to the online community...."


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