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Vanodine now available in Canada. Quick Feeds in Copetown Ontario now a Vanodine distributor.To place an order call 905-627-7171. Celestial Rabbitry

International Directory of Small and Large Animal Breeders

Located in the Greater Hamilton Area. Owned and operated by Patricia Arnett. Conscientious breeder of quality pedigreed rabbits. Rabbitry registered with ARBA

Check out Rabbits USA magazine for photos of my bunnies by Gerri Bucsis and Barbara Somerville.

American Fuzzy Lops, English Angora’s,French Angoras,Satin Angoras,Holland Lops,Jersey Wooly,Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarfs,Dutch Dwarfs,Lionheads,BEW Netherlands,BEW Polish,Red New Zealands.

Need a house for your bunny? Check out this one!

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