Hi! You have reached Shelby's own little spot on my website! As most TTA fanfic readers may know, he's one of the newbies. :)

Not too many of his friends know him very well, except of course, Buster and Babs. Thery are the only two who Shelby has really opened up to. The others only know that he's....well...there.

Shelby has a few characteristics that leave him apart from the others (which you can find in his first story). Other than that, you'd never know that he was the least bit different from all the others! He's not real "toon-ish" like everyone else, but he has his moments. He is taking beginner's classes at Acme Looniversity (since he doesn't know his way around yet). He likes to watch a LOT of T.V. too. Comedy Central seems to have his appeal.

He lives near Buster in a burrow under a tree, which is in a small grove in Acme Forest. He has all the necessities, like a kitchen, living room, and a bedroom with a skylight that's mounted in between the roots of that tree he dug under. At night, when the moon is full, his room is lit up with a soft light.

Another thing about him is that he has a belief. And you wonder why he always acts so nice.

You can find his first story on my images page or at the TTA Fan Fiction Archive!

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