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Hello! I'm glad that you came. Here, you will find info and pictures from the rare Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Capitol Critters. Once a big hit on ABC, Capitol Critters was supposed to be a "milestone" for Hanna-Barbera Studios, but turned out to be, how should I say it, a miserable failure, at least to the management staff at ABC. So, with that, Capitol Critters was abandoned. It resurfaced 4 years later on one of Ted Turner's many many TV networks, The Cartoon Network. It was scheduled to show in the afternoon, until just recently, The staff at TCN decided that Scooby Doo needed yet another time slot, and Capitol Critters was once again kicked off of the airwaves. (Personally, I don't think that Scooby Doo needs six time slots.) Capitol Critters, to me, was pretty amusing, and the fact of the matter of its cancellation is that Capitol Critters just never got a chance.
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