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Bravo Company 1st BN/20th INFANTRY at LZ LIZ, Duc Pho, and Mo Duc Viet Nam 1967-71

22 June 2004. Tim, brother of Jimmy D. Warren, wants info on him
NY Hwy renamed for SSG Stone, Medal of Honor. Cpt Sekata is co-ord'ing-more info at Reno reunion.
Click here for 1st Plt B-1/20's SSG Lester R. Stone's Memorial and Medal of Honor Citation KIA 03 March 69.
The Sgt. Lester Stone, JR.VFW Post is in Windsor, NY and American Legion Post 1596 telephone No. (607)693-1944 in his hometown of Harpursville, NY (both near Binghamton, NY) have memorials dedicated to him.

Sad news LTC Illingworth's obituary-Click Here.

Click for new Bravo 1/20 website.

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Contact B/1/20 website:

I met with Cpt Chuck Seketa (C.O. Bravo & Delta Co's & Bn S4 1967-68) and he's given me the Command History for Bn and Bravo Co, infantry log for July 66-Dec 68, and after action reports for the following operations: "Show Low" (05-13 Mar 68); "Norfolk Victory" (08-19 Apr 68); "Champagne Grove" (15-23 Sept 68); "Logan Field" (07-13 Oct 68); "Vernon Lake II" (02 Nov 68-28 Feb 69); "Iron Mountain Phases I, II, & III" (28 Feb 69-28 Feb 71); "Finney Hill" ( 01 March-01 July 71); "not designated" (01 July 71-04 Oct 71).
Cpt Seketa and Bob Behnke are building a Bravo Company roster and would like copies of any orders, rosters, and awards which have soldiers' names listed. If you have any info or would like any of Cpt Seketa's logs, histories, etc. please let me know.

I have a contact request for Tony Kasparek from Tim Barron. Can anyone help?

Sgt "Pancho" Velasquez writes that on 12 Oct 70 he and PFC Brooks went to check for wounded and got back just as Lt Glover's arty hit. He reported to SSG Stitely. More about this action is below.

New: Contact info for RTO Johnnie Johnson Oct 69-70.
Following Bravo soldiers awarded Army Comm Medal in Jan 1971: 1LT Thomas H Lewis, PFC William Bridonon; PFC Broderick C. Bean, PFC Willie E. Carezon (sp?), SP4 Roscoe Coots, Sp4 James L Dutrush (sp?), Pvt Daniel R Ervin, SP4 Dennis Fletcher, PFC Rafael Garcia, PFC Charles jubenville, PVT Joseph Kauschinger, PFC Thomas G. Keel, PFC John G. Loeb, PFC McKinley Lipscong, SP4 Richard W. Lickert, PVT Albert P. Lee, SP4 Gary V. Lang.
Other soldiers: PFC Larry W. Crain, SP4 Timothy A. Clark, PFC George A. Jones, PFC Alton S. Laurence (WIA see below), PVT Benjamin Pace, PFC David E. Robinson, SGT Doyle F. Smith, PFC Bruce A. Sampson, PFC Jimmie D. Warren.

On Oct 19, 2003, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette began a 4 day report of war crimes in the Song Ve in 1967 by "Tiger Plt" of 1st Bn/327th Inf, 101st Airborne. Go to

Sad news to report that Ed "Fast Eddie" Slette, medic w/ 1st Plt died 7/28/03 peacefully in hospital from complications of diabetes.

Photo of Bn XO Major Bell/Major Davis Bn S3 at LZ Thunder 1968

Stan Woodcock sent me a CD with photos from 1969-70 which I will post.
Photo Cpt Lisowski (KIA)& Arty FO
Photo Cpt Lisowski (KIA)& SP4 Meadows.
Sgt McNeary's squad: "Rango, McNeary, McMinn, Loya, Doc , Johnny Johnson, Kodum, Lunsford and Woodcock".
McNeary, Johnson and Coke Kids".
Tet '70 SSG Ridge & Kurt "Big Red" Walker (KIA).
Read more about SSG Ridge, Walker and Cpt Lisowski.
Corky Lovelace at the C.P.
Rango & Herman Moore (KIA 6/22/70).

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Looking for Bravo 1/20's Captain Parker and Platoon Sgt Miller and any eye witnesses to combat assault on 12 Oct 1970 for Silver Star award for Lt. Illingworth. See below for details.

NEW: Oct 2003 "Vietnam" magazine has an article about refugees at Duc Pho.

Bravo 1/20 personnel questioned about EXECUTION of 20 year old Vietnamese female. In Nov 1970 there are reports of a young Vietnamese woman killed by a gunshot wound to middle forehead at close range with powder burns. Anyone know what happened? Army CID investigated. The files are in Virginia.

On 07 Dec 1970, Sgt Richard Reed was killed by booby trap. Another soldier was WIA. His photo is below over 90mm recoiless rifle and next to RTO Dick Jones. Anyone know what happened?

Anyone know of CIA Phoenix Project's Mr. Benson a/k/a "Cpt. Quirk" who commanded 1/20's "Q" Company beginning in Oct 1970? One email from a 1/20 soldier has Benson in covert operations in Honduras prior to 1970.

Click here Sgt Moehring's DSC citation.
Click here Cpt Power's DSC citation.

Dave Blair WIA 12 May 68 as FO for 4.2 wants info on what happened. 754 Elderwood Lane, Lemoore, Ca. 93245 Phone: 559-924-1337.

Click here for Reunion photo (Mrs. Paul Grice, Mrs. and LTC Illingworth, LTC Honjiyo and Mrs.)

Below are Lt Tom Glover's photos of his 5 month tour as Arty FO with B-1/20 Sept 70-Jan 71.
Click here for photo of MAJ Honjiyo 12OCT70
Click here for photo of Taskforce Honjiyo.
Click here for photo of "" 10/70
Click here for photo of CPT POWERS 10/70
Click here for Song Ve 12OCT70
Click here for photo of Buddha cemetery 10/70
Click here for photo of combat assault 10/70
Click here for photo of combat assault 10/70
Click here for photo of extraction 10/70
Click here for photo of Helo recovery. 10/70
Click here for photo of " " 10/70
Click here for photo of view from Huey. 10/70
Click here for photo of Beach stand down 11/70
Click here for photo of LT Illingsworth 11/70
Click here for photo of LZ LIZ 10/70
Click here for photo of Bravo soldiers 11/70
Click here for photo of Bravo soldiers 11/70
Click here for photo of Hootch 11/70
Click here for photo of jungle snake 12/70
Click here for photo of mortar 12/70
Click here for photo of mortar 12/70
Click here for photo of C.O.'s Loch 12/70
Click here for photo of W.P. on tgt 12/70
Click here for photo LT Frank Corona & SSG/70
Click here for deer on a spit 01/71
Click here for mail call 01/71
Click here for down time 01/71
Click here for Song Ve River 01/71
Click here for Mtn stream 01/71

New: 01 Apr 71: time 1235 following heat casualities: Braziel, Dynon, (new man?), Brown, Mace. time 1800 another casualty name(H.?).

28 Jan 66 at 0700-Operation Double Eagle with USMC Battalion landing Team 3/1 landed at Red Beach just north of Duc Pho followed by BLT 2/4. This is where all those dud naval gunfire 5 inch shells came from. The Marines also attacked the French fort on the Song Ve River where B-1/20 got ambushed on 12 Oct 70. To learn more go to: "" and "", or word search "Double Eagle" and "USS Skagit"

On 20 Nov 70 CG XXIV Corps ordered 1/20 to work with MACV Mo Duc in Mo Duc area. Two days later on 22 Nov 70 1/20 began carrying Q Company on it's daily S3 reports in addition to the line companies. Does anyone remember "Q" Company, a task force team made up of MACV, ARVN PRUs, CIA, the S-2 and selected members of 1/20 involved with Phoenix Program in Quang Ngai Province? 23 Oct 70 Msg SOIC (Sr Officer Intell Community, Quang Ngai) To: Tra Bong Cpt. Quirk (Phoenix) will arrive at your location in about 30 min. on Air America. He has supplies and he requests you meet the plane with a vehicle. passed."

01 Feb 71 time 0350 MAT-17 overrun at LZ MAX 2 US WIAs CPT Odomes, Freddie and SFC Stokes, Bilgiew of MAT 63. Advisory Team house destroyed and SOI captured.

28 Apr 71 Q Co's casualties: "item 62 time 1230 (C) MACV Mo Duc at 739663, requested Urgent Dustoff for 3 US and 2 VN personnel. They got a call stating that a vehicle had hit a mine, Quebec 82 and 59 were picked up by Dustoff and went to the scene of incident. Maj Gregg said that VN personnel said it was command detonated, also it was a large plastic explosive. Crater was 6' in diameter and 3' deep, results 2 US WIA, 1 VN WIA, 1 US KIA, 1 VN KIA. Personnel were from Quang Ngai and Da Nang, one of the wounded was a U.S. civilian." Note: US KIA was SGT Donald E. Weisman MOS 12B4H from Wheaton, MD.

Click here for KIAs

B-1/20s MIA. On 26 Dec 69 at 2130 B's 24 ele ambushed a VC/NVA element with US casualties of Mathieson WIA and Manchester MIA. Search recovered damaged M16 and PRC 25 radio and unidentifiable body parts; drew many VIP visits from Bde and Division. Maj. Honjiyo convened an investigation board. One month later, his body was found in a river and id'd by the dogtag in his boot.

12 Oct 68 Bravo took 7 KIAs on Batangan Peninsula as follows: Sgt Gary Culbertson, SSG Joe Cardenas, Cpl Robert Faccio, Sgt Drew Fiedler, PFC Walter Golembiewski, Sgt Juan Martines, Sgt Robert Sanchez (all dead by BT mines-said to be set in 1967 by ROK Marines, but the ROK's map was lost at Division. The background is that Bravo relieved Alpha after Alpha took many casualties there i.e., Alpha down to 60 men. Then, Bravo was sent to take the high ground and ran into the minefield.).
Click here for map of 12 Oct 68 fight on Batangan Peninsula (South of Chu Lai on S. China Sea) at grid approx 664048.

Click for 1/20 KIAs by company.

Did anyone meet the NY Times reporter Gloria Emerson who covered Quang Ngai in 1970-71, or the Quaker Lady Borton at the Quang Ngai Hospital. Both wrote books on Quang Ngai, check 'em out.

There is a website with photos of Quang Ngai 1967 including of the CORDS Compound at

Quaker's hospital in Quang Ngai until 1972 being rebuilt for prosthetics and rehab. The website is:

Click here for link to Cpl Larry J. White's Memorial on Virtual Wall (KIA 30 June 69).

Click here for B-1/20 group photo (June '69?) from SGT Al Curtis, and I will post more from him about the 31 Dec 68 and 30 June 69 WIA/KIAs shortly. I have his phone No. and email if anyone wants to contact him.

NEW!! Click here for Pepper No. 2 capturing MACV Sr Advisors Major Witt and Cpt Odams and escaping 23rd MPs 19 Jan 71. On 15-16 Oct 70, Pepper No. 1 captured by US forces at LZ Snoopy as setforth below.

Click here for Bn S2/S3 journal for 15 Oct 70 for 2 US GIs attempting to destroy LZ Snoopy, and were caught.
Click here for 23rd Div G3 journal for 16 Oct 70 item 10 time 0900 for capture of self-described "Blackest Cong".
Typhoon Joan was coming and C & D 1/20, D-4/21, B Btry 1/82nd FA, C Co. 39th Engrs were on high ground at LZ Snoopy. Maybe "Blackest Cong" wanted to get out of the rain.

Two photos from "Vietnam, Inc." by Griffiths.

Click here for photo of MACV Duc Pho advisors 1970.

Click here for Catholic Church Duc Pho 1970. Another photo of the church is in Dick Jones' photos below.
Click here for SGT Al Curtis's photo of church 1968-69.

Click here for 1967 USMC photo of church (from book "Where the Domino Fell").

Click here for 26 Oct 70 PIO article about Alpha 1/20 and Sgt Hupp capturing VC collaborator. This is from Gloria Emerson's book, "Winners and Losers".

Click here for MACV Tm-17 SOIC journal 27 Oct 70 and killings of 2 Japanese and one lady at Quang Ngai (can anyone decipher it?) I note that Japanese photo-journalist Kyoichi Sawada and UPI bureau chief J. Frank Frosch are listed as captured and KIA 26-28 Oct 70 in Cambodia. Gloria Emerson, NY Times reporter wrote "Winners and Losers".

Item 46 at time 1530 13 Feb 70, 23rd MPs called to South Bridge to investigate US (SSG Ridge) pulling weapon on ARVN. Ridge is now Bush's Homeland Security Czar-more about Ridge's shortened tour with B-1/20 setforth below (when the goin' got tough, he got goin'.)

In Sept and Oct 69, there are reports of two night-time friendly fire incidents involving B-1/20 and Recon and B-1/20 and C-1/20. These friendly fire incidents are described in the journals and an email from a company officer detailing that the Bn CO (LTC Fischer) wanted the companies to maneuver at night to increase 1/20's body count. The results were disasterous for 1/20, and caused great animosity by the troops towards him. In Oct 69, Col Fischer's CC helo was shot down while flying over A-1/20s position. It was able to repair and lift off and fly back under gunship protection (from whom?) A-1/20 also suffered WIAs and KIAs from friendly fire incidents among its own elements maneuvering at night. I will post more later.

I was at National Archives (NARA) and pulled the files for SOIC MACV-Team 17 Quang Ngai 15-19 Oct 70. Many entries about US forces at FSB Snoopy capturing one of three Americans fighting with NVA. He was being held at Snoopy due to weather (Typhoon Joan) and awaiting MPs from 23rd Division for transport to Chu Lai. I will check the 23rd MP files and post more info. Below are entries of "Salt and Pepper" sightings by A-1/20 19-20 Sept 70 and a 11 Nov 1970 sighting of "Salt" by B-1/20, so this may be Pepper who was captured. I have to ask Col Insani (11th Bde C.O.) about this. Does anyone know who LTC. Perkins, Col Q, Col Borman, Mr. Cushing are? What does SOIC stand for? The SOIC MAT 17 files have lots of names starting with Mr., references to Air America, and Phoenix (I don't think they mean Arizona) Anyone know a Maj. Magee or Cpt. Quirk? What's a big Mack report and problems in DIOCC's? An Example, "From Phoenix To: Tra Bong Cpt. Quirk (Phoenix) will arrive at your location in about 30 min. on Air America. He has supplies and he requests you meet the plane with a vehicle. passed."

SSG Stewart remembers Lt Ellis telling him that "Pepper" was caught at LZ Snoopy while sketching its layout and acting suspiciously. I'm checking to see what happened to "Pepper", and if he is still at federal Disciplinary Barraacks, Leavenworth, KS. There is a Feb 71 intell of someone one the radionet improperly using old Mo Duc call signs on the radio. There are DIA reports (I have not seen them just the supposed summaries on the POW Net) of Salt seen in 1974 at the mouth of the Song Ve River Ferry Crossing. (He may be a Marine PFC, Fred S. from MAG 16 captured by VC south of Danang in 1964); and a Negro PFC William Darrell Johnson of 4th Inf Div captured by VC in Jan 1968 near Kontum and in 1974 in Quang Ngai Province taken from a truck with two others escapting.

Click here for 20 Piasters Note and Chieu Hoi pamphlet.

Click here for personnel assigned (please send corrections/additions, etc.).

SGT Vin Anyzeski and Mike White (Larry White's brother who wants to contact anyone there for photos, maps, etc.) write that Bravo had many casualties on 30 June 69: KIAs Jerome Ernie Tucker, James Walter Jones (medic and second killed helping Larry White), Ronald Edward Robertson, Glen Ervin Poteet, Robert Joseph Coleman, John Dennis Morrissey, SSG Michael Edward Fowler; WIAs Louis Denfee, David VanBuskirk, James Adams, Donnie Black, Willian McMann, John Brayley, Carlos Archuleta, James Scott, Edwin Badillo, Terry Ward, Gerald WHitehead, Keith Kolozie, Joaquin Garcia, Jerry Allen, Larry Sterns, Wayne Nordell, Bill Vanhorn, Robert Hughes, Jim Timmerman, Larry Hunziker, WIlliam Cantrell, Robert Stevens. The Co Co's were John Hill and Cpt Newbury was CO on night of 30 June 69. I plot the grid as "Nui Dat" a hilltop 1 1/2 klicks northeast of NVAs L 17 Bn marked on a map setforth below. In my opinion, if I were the NVA commander, I would have mined it to prevent someone setting up a mortar position there.

I found the following handwritten report for 30 June 69: "Item 2, time 2005 to 2315, locatin 733470, Unit B, Closed on NDP and man hit booby trap. 2 KIA, 3 WIA. Tail rotor hit man while dust off being made. Mine went off downing second dust off 6 KIA, 16 WIA. Antoher dust off came. crew extracted. Item #3, time 0850, location 733470, unit B, Engrs found 2 pressure type firing devices. Sent to S2".

To read Cpt Tom Waterbury's statement on Recon 1/20's night search mission for US POWs go to the Echo 1/20 website found on the "Americal Links" page below.
Bravo 1/20's POW search mission while OPCON to C-4/3 for 31 July -03 Aug 70 is 1/2 way down this index page.

Locator: Jim Wadley was with B-1/20 in 1967 in Hawaii and served with SSG Abraham Kaalele Ahuna who was KIA on 17 May '68. He is looking for details of his death. The S2/S3 journals for that date were burned by the S2A about Aug'69. Contact the website for Jim Wadley's email.

Locator: Sandy Davis is the daughter of SSG John Calvin Davis, a supply NCO with HHC-1/20, who died on 07 Sept 70 due to accidental gunshot wound while cleaning rifles at FSB Bronco. She is interested in contacting anyone who knew her father, especially First Sergeant Lentze. Contact the website for her email address.

The items for May 1970, Death of Cpt Lisowski, and 3rd Plt. B-1/20's former SSG Tom Ridge, now U.S. Homeland Security Czar, are at the bottom of the page.

The operational journals for "Salt and Pepper" are in the middle of this page, see 19-20 Spt 70.

The Investigation into B-1/20's "Mutiny on the Beach" 31 July-01 Aug '69 is 2/3rds down the page.

NEW: TET 01 Feb 71 attack on LZ LIZ and LZ MAX
CLICK HERE For 01 Feb 71 attack on LZ LIZ and LZ Max. I have the SOIC reports of this attack (over 13 pages).

NEW: 12 Feb 71 entry no. 43 time 2145 "(C) C Co vic 671578, MAT team with C Co 2nd Plt at Woodstock received report on unmentionable at 671578. Do you have record of this? MAT team did receive this from the ARVN's."

From webmaster: O.P. Woodstock was 668579 build by 1st Plt A-1/20 in Jan '71 (near the "Salt and Pepper" sightings of 19-20 Sept 70 detailed below); O.P. Pax was 672530 built by 3rd plt A-1/20 Jan 71; MAT is "mobile advisory team" assigned to ARVNs. I can only guess that "unmentionable" referred to someone or thing above the confidential classification of the 1/20 S2/S3 journals. I will check MACV's Tm 17 (Quang Ngai) records at NARA II.

FYI-the S2/S3 journals begin during 1/20's transit from Hawaii to Vietnam, then gap from 1968 to July 69 (due to being burned by the S2-A during My Lai investigation), and continue from July 69 to Oct 71.

New: I came across a fragging entry on 15 March 1971 time 0015 hrs: "(C) 1/20 , Rear, HHC had a fragging incident in their rear area at LZ Bronco. CO Cpt Gleaves injured in head with minor wounds to the rest of his body. Grenade detonated in orderly room area by CO's bed. MP's, CID and Col Brogan at scene, area has been sealed off and troops mustered."

CLICK HERE for 27 Jan 71 fragging of C Btry 6/11 CO's hootch. One story is the victim was a visiting officer on his last day in-country and murdered by mistake. Anyone know what happened?

New: "gingerbread" is codeword for unathorized radio net intrusion, and below is a real example possibly by "Salt and Pepper".
1/20 S2/S3 journal 02 Feb 71 entry 09 time 0320: "(C) 1/20 TOC, received a call on our CMD from an Oscar Mike using Fluid Cones to contact TOC. OM was old Mo Duc call sign. Word call sign Fluid Cones instead of normal numerals and word call sign i.e. Cones 16. Personnel (OM) spoke English. Checked with Mo Duc and Duc Pho, they stated no one had come to our CMD at their location. Unknown personnel (OM) asked for a Sit Rep on Duc Pho action taken to mean the OP's manned by PF 169 at 785427 and 789416. Once the RTO realized the incorrect call sign was being used he instantly called (OM) with negative response when asked for authentication."

New-Robert Scalli, the nephew of Cpt. Francis Powers, KIA 12 Oct 70, wants to contact anyone who knew him. Contact the website for his email address and phone no.
CLICK HERE for Doc Illingworth's rememberance of CPT Powers.
CLICK HERE for CPT Glover's rememberance of CPT Powers.

CLICK HERE for PHOTO of A-1/20 soldier with female VC prisoner at LIZ on 3 July 69. Can anyone ID him (or her)?

New-New York Times (dated 13 Apr 71 p. 11, col. 1) account of Easter Sunday, 11 Apr 71, "The American command announced that North Vietnamese troops shot down an American helicopter 90 miles south of Danang Sunday, then ambushed an infantry force trying to reach the survivors. The command said 11 Americans had been killed and eight wounded."

From S2/S3 journals 10-12 APR 71: on 10 Apr 71 at 1505 hrs Delta replaced Bravo in the field and Bravo returned to LZ Liz. Alpha had patrols out until 1940 when all patrols closed; Charlie and Delta continued patrols and snakes throughout the night and next day. There is no entry of Alpha having moved since 1915 hrs on 10 Apr 71. 11 Apr time time 1330 hrs Dolphin 191 on station for resupply.

CLICK HERE S3 journal for Easter Sunday, 11 Apr 71 time 1500- 1600.

From S3 journal 12 Apr 71: Friendly KIA were as follows: from H&HS- Chaplain Brown; from A Co. -Jean P. Humbert E-6; James L. Armstrong E-5; Jon M. Melim SP4; Jack P. Begley SP4; Douglas A. Varner E-3; Schoolmeesters, Jos E-3; Pilkington, Edward P. E-3; Warren, Richard M. E-3; Silva, Joe R. E-2; from 1 74th AVN Baggett; WIAs Barfield, ALlen R. E5; McBride, Ananias E5; Mashburn, Earl R. E3; Singleton, Mark E. E3; Foust, Larry E. E3; Furr, Donald H. E5; Fantone, Robert M. E4; Skelton, James P. E3; Lawson, John E3; Carretti, Michael J. E4.

S3 journal entries for 12 Apr 71: item no. 33 time 1351 "Relay to Bde Cmdr in ref to his questions: (1) Perimeter 100 meters by 60 meters w/individual dug fighting positions. (2) Maximum security in effect around perimeter to accept R/S. Plans included a local security patrol after R/S at dusk. (3) LZ at 3rd Plt cleared by hand and blasting to accept R/S."
item no. 35 time 1430: "B Co, 1st Plt, CC bird on station for CE of B Co 1st Plt and A Co 3rd Plt: PZ A31-1450 LZ-1456; PZ B39-1453 to 1459 LZ 1500 to 1520. EC Completed at 1530.

To view photos of 3rd plt A-1/20 and Song Ve river valley go to A-1/20 website linked in below and click on Frank Schurich's photos. He recalls the LZ as steep and hard to defend, talking by radio to the helo on its approach and warning it to be careful, and that the first hit was a RPG not a M79 grenade.
The S3 was Major Leroy E. Edwards, Jr.; LTC Brogan was 1/20's CO and was relieved. The 11th Brigade Commander was Col. Insani, but 11th Bde (-) was operating near the DMZ and Laos for Op'n Lam Son. Colonel Honjiyo left as 1/20's XO and Bde's S2 in Feb 1971. 1/20 and 4/21 were OPCON to 198th Inf. Bde. in Apr 71. 3/1 and 4/3 went north as part of 11th Bde (-) for the Lam Son Operation; see "B Trp 1/1 Cav's Mutiny 21-22 Mar 71" setforth below.< Photo of Chaplain Merle Brown, KIA Easter Sunday 11 APR 71 (Thanks to A-1/20's Frank Schurich)
CLICK HERE for Chaplain Brown's Photo.
CLICK HERE for map of 11 APR 71 (Mo Duc mapsheet No. 6738 I); I plot the ambushed LZ 3 klicks north of Frank's notation.
CLICK HERE for color map of LZ LIZ (Mo Duc mapsheet No. 6738 I).

NEW-S3 journals from 1 Aug 70 with B-1/20 OPCON to C-4/3 and 19-20 SPT 70 about search for U.S. POW's and 2 turncoats a/k/a "Salt & Pepper" spotted by Bde and Taskforce Honjiyo's A-1/20 in Song Ve valley (dark photocopies from NARA). Also, LTC Fitzpatrick reports seeing Salt and Pepper through a spotting scope with NVA.

I came across information on B/1/20's search for 4 US and many RVN POWs in July 70 while OPCON to C/4/3. This mission was classified above top secret based on "S.I." Special/Signal Intelligence. Even Colonel Honjiyo (Bn XO) didn't know about it until he became 11th Bde's S2. I have the grid of the POW Camp. The POWs were being used as "rice mules" during summer rice harvest.

CLICK HERE FOR 1 Aug 70 sightings of 4 US POWs and B-1/20 OPCON to C-4/3 searching for POW camp at grid 705355.
CLICK HERE FOR 19 SPT 70 "Salt and Pepper" sightings.
CLICK HERE FOR 20 SPT 70 sightings.

06 Nov 70- From Bde S2, Fire mission jamming (now called "gingerbread")-recent MI reports include fire missions tape recorded and played back at a later date to confuse and delay other fire missions. Possibility exists that NVA could use this tactic extensively in near future. Bde recommends personnel on all levels be made aware of this jamming technique.
07 Nov 70-1000 hrs- Div CO and Asst CO and Brigade CO at LZ LIZ.

11 Nov 70- two Items about "Salt" spotted evading by 2nd Plt B-1/20 on 11 Nov 70 at grid 753558 after receiving 1-5 rnds small arms fire 200 meters to their north. Tracker dog requested. Later ID'd as male caucasian wearing black top, blue bottom, no hat, blond hair, spotted 300 meters to West evading to the west.

Now posted, Doc Illingworth (call sign "Dead Buck Six") at OP firing M-16 during work-ups for this year's deer hunt. Photos of deer hunt to follow (scratch one Charlie).
CLICK HERE for "Dead Buck Six" in action.

LTC "DOC" Illingworth is being put in for the Silver Star for his actions on 12 Oct 70 after CPT Powers was killed-31 years late-He was seriously wounded on 03 Dec 70 in Song Ve Valley and wants to contact 3rd Plt Bravo personnel.

NEW: Statement by Arty F.O. Tom Glover in support of LTC "Doc" Illingworth's Silver Star.
CLICK HERE for 1LT Tom Glover's statement.
CLICK HERE for Tom Glover's Ltr to the Editor for Veteran's Day 2001 in the Lexington, KY newspaper.

CLICK HERE LTC Illingworth's statement-warning it's graphic in nature. (page 1)
CLICK HERE LTC Illingworth's statement (page 2)

CLICK HERE LTC Illingworth's poem "Lobster Six" (read columns up and down, left to right)
CLICK HERE LTC Illingworth's poem "A Silver Star and 50 Cents" (read columns up and down, left to right)

CLICK HERE Col Honjiyo's eyewitness account of 12 Oct 70.
CLICK HERE Col Honjiyo's statement for LTC Illingworth's Silver Star.

CLICK HERE SSG Hank Stewart's statement (page 1)
CLICK HERE SSG Stewart's statement (page 2)

CLICK HERE for map of Song Ve AO
CLICK HERE for S3 journal of 12 Oct 70
CLICK HERE for S3 journal of 12 Oct 70 con't
CLICK HERE for S3 journal of 13 Oct 70
CLICK HERE for S3 journal of 13 Oct 70, page 2

Click here for Bravo's Pac