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Following 'The Word'
      I want to commend the high school students at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Southampton who presented a gospel opera, "The Word," last month.  The acting and singing was excellent.  Twenty-something author, composer and director Bill Monaghan, who played Jesus, had set out to produce "Godspell," but when it wasn't readily available, he put togethersomething just as good.
      I pray that the 15 to 20 teens in the production will take the message of "The Word" with them in everyday life.  I can't thinl of many more worthwhile ways to counteract or prevent teen-age violence than to engage them in uplifting one another and working for the common good as they did in following Christ in the play.
      In the "real world" however, when they face a trial or temptation, I hope they will turn to Jesus Christ Himself to be their anchor in the midst of life's storms.
      I also want to thank the Rev. Dennis Gill, the parish priest, for the warm welcome when we decided to attend on Sunday afternoon after church after reading a brief notice about the play on the Friday religion page of the Courier Times.
Pastor Ron Kline
Sonlight Baptist Fellowship of Bensalem 

This Letter to the Editor appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times on Friday, 9 June 1995, on page 22A in the Opinion Section

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