Intolerance is a virtue

Moses: didnít tolerate the slavery of his Jewish people under the Egyptians.

St Elias (Elijah): didnít tolerate the prophets of Baal. (How Ďjudgementalí of him.)

Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ: didnít tolerate moneychangers in His Temple.

St Nicholas, St Athanasius and Pope St Leo I: didnít tolerate people telling lies about Our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and doing so in the name of the Church (ĎOh, how mean and disrespectful ó criticizing nice Fr Arius! Who do you think you are? Heís a PRIEST!í).

St Mark of Ephesus and St Job of Pochaev: didnít tolerate false unions at the expense of the Greek and Russian Churches.

The English Catholic Martyrs: didnít tolerate the Protestant heresy being forced on them in England. (How Ďunecumenicalí of them.)

St Alexis Toth: didnít tolerate Ruthenian immigrants being pushed around.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr: didnít tolerate unfair treatment of black people.

Judie Brown: doesnít tolerate the murder of unborn babies.


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