Anglo-Catholics were around when I was a teenage Episcopalian to teach me traditional, pre-Vatican II high church, in beautiful English, when the official Catholic Church wanted nothing to do with it. Thank you!

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Anglo-Catholic facts
How it began: the Oxford Movement
What started by claiming divine authority for Anglicanism, reacting partly against an effect of Catholic emancipation, ended up imitating the Catholic Church
Tract XC was well meant but intellectually dishonest
The early history of the movement and one of its organizations, the SSC
Remembering American Anglo-Catholicism
Anglo-Catholicism and homosexuality
The American Missal Order of Mass
Despite his heresy, Thomas Cranmer was credally orthodox and kept the Catholic Church’s Godward worldview as well as being a master of English prose. Because of all that, when you splice his Prayer Book (the slightly higher American 1928 version) into the framework and ceremonial of the traditional Roman Catholic Mass, as American Anglo-Catholics did with this in the 1930s, it works!
The Affirmation of St Louis
I Am an Ultra-Catholic
And other joke verses
I Am an Anglo-Catholic
by Bishop Keith Ackerman
Our Present Duty
by Bishop Frank Weston, from the 1923 Anglo-Catholic Congress: the faith and social justice
Mount Calvary, Baltimore
A historic church from the 1800s, now in the Catholic Church
St Agatha’s, Portsmouth
A historic church from the late 1800s, restored, reopened and now in the Catholic Church
St Peter’s, London Docks
St Silas, Kentish Town, London
St Mary’s, Bourne Street, London
Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell, London
My late rector served here
All Saints, North Street, York
The only place in England I've seen the English Missal used
St Barnabas, Jericho, Oxford
St Bartholomew’s, Brighton
St Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, California
Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and Mary Pickford were communicants here
S. Clement’s, Philadelphia
The center of my world for most of the 2000s
Guild of the Living Rosary of Our Lady and St Dominic
All Saints’ Sisters of the Poor
The American community, in Catonsville, Md., which is still traditional: ‘proper nuns’, now in the Catholic Church
Anglican Catholic Church
One of the first Continuing Churches, started in 1978
The Trouble with Anglo-Catholicism
by Robert Ian Williams (RC view)
by Fr Chad Hatfield (Eastern Orthodox view)
On the orthodoxy of the Oxford Movement divines
by Jeff Culbreath


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