Goo Goo Dolls!
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~*~Goo Goo Dolls~*~

Hiya Goo fans! Welcome to my site, "Iris".There is not much going on in the World of Goo right now, but when something big happens, I'll be sure to post it. GOO GOO DOLLS RULE!!!

"Be Nice, Be Happy, Eat Pez..."~Robby Takac

*I got most of these pictures off of the official Goo site,,there are links to the pages where I got all the others!I got the Goo wallpaper at Forever Goo! There are also borders too!Check it out, and get some Goo graphics!*
The song of the month for February, 2001{voted by the AOL Goo Goo Dolls chat room} is "So Far Away"
*"Iris" is updated almost everyday, but its last update was on February 24th, 2001*