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Vacancy Board

For those of you who are not clear on exactly how the Vacancy Board functions in Cooper Township, I am posting the specification of who is on the board and how it functions. In our current situation (SEPTEMBER 2008 THE POSITION IS VACANT) ________ is the chair-person of the Vacancy Board, and the other three members would be the remaining township supervisors.
The source for the following is Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Second Class Township Code, ISBN 0-8182-0001-4, 1995 Edition.
Section 407. Vacancies in General. - If the electors of any township fail to choose a supervisor, tax collector, auditor or assessor or if any person elected to any office fails to serve in the office or if a vacancy occurs in the office by death, resignation, removal from the township or otherwise, the board of supervisors may appoint a successor who is an elector of the township and has resided in that township continuously for at least one year prior to their appointment, and, upon their failure to make the appointment within thirty days after the vacancy occurs, the vacancy shall be filled within fifteen additional days by the vacancy board. The vacancy board shall consist of the board of supervisors and one elector of the township, who shall be appointed by the board of supervisors at the board's first meeting each calendar year or as soon after that as practical and who shall act as chairman of the vacancy board. If the vacancy board fails to fill the position within fifteen days, the chairman shall, or if there is a vacancy in the chairmanship the remaining members of the vacancy board shall, petition the court of common pleas to fill the vacancy. If two or more vacancies in the office of supervisor occur on a three-member board or three or more vacancies on a five-member board, the court of common pleas shall fill the vacancies upon presentation of petition signed by not less than fifteen electors of the township. The successor so appointed shall hold the office until the first Monday in January after the first municipal election which occurs more than sixty days after the vacancy occurs, at which election an eligible person shall be elected for the unexpired term.


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